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How long can teachers legally keep you behind after school without a days notice?
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How long can teachers legally keep you behind after school without a days notice?

In the UK in high school, How long can teachers keep you behind with out a detention or anything by law? I Thought it was 10 Minutes.. am i wrong?

Kit Fang
OK it used to be illegal to keep children behind for any amount of time without the permission of their parents, but apparantly the rules have now changed. According to the TES: 'There was a time when you could have been accused of unlawful imprisonment for keeping a child in detention. However, the 1997 Education Act now safeguards teachers from prosecution. It means a secondary child can been kept behind on disciplinary charges irrespective of parental consent.' So you can be kept behing for a detention for any amount of time, but any other reason (extra lessons, sports or whatever) they need your parents' permission for.

Mr Sceptic
There is an urban myth that an 'on the spot' detention can only be ten minutes. There is no law in UK restricting the time you can be kept at all. Most schools suggest that it is good practice not to detain longer than ten minutes, because parents may be waiting, smaller siblings may need collecting etc. But there is no legal restriction.

Well, this is quite a funny answer (to me) because if a teacher (in my school) tells me that i have to stay behind for half an hour after school, everyone will look up at the teacher and tell her that it is legally 10 minutes that they can keep us behind otherwise they are breaking the law. This has to be true as the teachers only keep us for 10 minutes anyways and they go quite when all the students have a go at them. So yeah, i think it is definitely only 10 minutes. But i am not sure as this might only be my school that does this.... But go and google it if you really want to know ^_^

Having intimate relations with the teacher now, are we?

if its last lesson and the teacher says im keeping you behind my school rules are 5 minutes i think thats the law aswell anytime after 5 minutes and you can walk out xx

Jon Noname
Depends on the school. I think its one hour after Bell

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