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How long do you have to be employed by your employee before you can claim redundancy.?
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How long do you have to be employed by your employee before you can claim redundancy.?

Who do I claim through if my employee has gone bust and when can I claim, what are my entitlements?

Chris H
2 years as the other answers say. There is a process to apply for the National Insurance fund to pay for redundancies if an employer has gone bust. See this link: http://www.insolvency.gov.uk/guidanceleaflets/redundancypayments/guideforemployees/rp1form.pdf Email me if you need any help with this.

my husband was made reduntant and because he was employed 1 year & 11 months they gave him his books so basically it,s 2 year Good luck

You mean your 'employer' - the firm or company which employs or employed you, the employee. If you were made redundant, you should have received a redundancy notice from your employer. The redundancy notice should explain what money you are going to receive in final settlement. In most cases you can expect about one months pay for every year of service. But I do not think these payments are binding in law. If you have a letter which states you are being or have been made redundant, then you may be able to claim something. A lot depends on why your employer went bust - if he's 'bankrupted' then you ain't gonna get a dime. Check it out at your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

You're employed by an employer, you are the employee. Above is good advice.

pasado manana tu madre
2 years i think

You have to have been employed by the Company for 2 consecutive years to qualify for redundancy. You may be in some difficulty getting payment if the Company has gone bust, Try contacting the CAB - they should be able to help you if there is a way round it. I work for an employment lawyer and do not think that there is but try the CAB. Hope this helps!

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