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How much can you get for a slip and fall?
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How much can you get for a slip and fall?

My mom fell in Safeway not to long ago, the floor had some kind of liquid spilled on it, and there was no sign. Though her injuries were no servere...she still fell,and experiences pain in her neck, hands, and lower back sometimes. She did go to the doctor and the head of Safeway says all my mom has to do is fax her the doctors report,and she'll make her a offer to prevent it from going to court. How much should or could my mother get paid for this?Thanks

Matt Gerchow
If you go to court, you will probably get the dr. bills. I have heard of people getting $2,000 for this, but the economy is very weak right now. Much cheaper for them to fight it considering their attorney's are already on staff. Safeway has good donuts... maybe lifetime donuts! :-)

Los Mojados
These types of claims are scrutinized as many are frauds. You could get 2-3 years.

She is entitled to her medical expenses, what ever she paid the doctor. Not any profit. They may offer 1,000 or so to avoid the costs of defending themselves though.

not much, her medical bills paid and maybe a little more.

Is them paying the hospital bills not enough,or is she trying to make money off them,I guess I don't get your question.

livin life
She will get her bills paid, and maybe a $1000...she has no permananet damage, and the reason they dont want to go to court is to save time and lawyers fees.

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