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How much money does it take to keep a criminal behind bars ?
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How much money does it take to keep a criminal behind bars ?

That would be multiples how many prisoners are there? . That also means county, .maximum, city prisons , and so on times the dollars to feed cloth shelter, plus those on parole, anyone know the cost to the tax payer

everyone is saying it like they think its wrong to keep someone behind bars, i think no matter what they did, u shudent kill them...and instead just put them there for a while.

Depends...Ask an attorney or judge.

to all you geniuses out there a prison does cost a lot to run but the actual cost per prisoner per year is not as high as some would have you think. connecticut where i spent 16 months is the worst prison system in the country spending $ 1.80 per person per day. i know energy costs are on the rise and the do nothing c.o.'s make a decent buck. but very little is spent on the inmate, the doctors are paid a lump sum wether they see 10 inmates or 25 inmates a day. and to all you who say keep them locked up forever, some of us committed non violent and alcohol related crimes and the only differance between us and you is we got caught driving impaired and you didn't. so don't be too harsh on all of us because you may have an appointment tomorrow with a convicted felon to have your taxes or your car repaired by an ex con

more money than it would take to send them to college. The vast majority of them can/could be salvaged to be productive citizens but if they have drug records they can't get student loans on the outside.

first they have too do somthing really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,bad,bad,bad,bad,and then hell'll go away for a very long time .Or go buy a bag of cocaine like an once wiil do and plant it in his car then call the police and tell them you seen him selling drugs at your corner gas station or something sit back a watch his ass get in big trouble and hell goto jail for at least a few years for the drug case the more cocaine you buy and plant on him the more time hell do say for example you but like a kilo(2.2 pounds)and around $20.000 he will most likely get 20 years for that alone

Tell J
its the crime that keeps them behind bars

Nancy Pelosi
the answer to your question is far more than they are worth, but we need keep them locked up as long as possible

*Princess Honey*
one hell of a lot of money , or it depends what the did

Cost of housing an inmate. Operating a Correctional facility is not cheap. We have a responsibility to care for the inmate's needs while he is incarcerated in the Prison. It costs the taxpayers of Venango County approximately $32.00 per day or approximately $11,000 per year to house an inmate in the Prison. To help off set this cost, several programs have been instituted to make the inmate partially responsible for the cost of housing him. Any inmate on work release has to to pay $10.00 per day for room and board while he is incarcerated in the Prison. As you can see the amount the inmate is charged does not even come close to meeting the actual cost. The idea is to show the inmate that they should be at least partially responsible for the cost of incarcerating them in the Prison. Medical expenses are a large amount of the cost in housing an inmate and we charge the inmate $3.00 to see the nurse and $5.00 if they request to see the doctor. We will not deny any medical care to an inmate who is indigent and can't pay this fee. The reasoning behind this fee is to keep inmates who don't need to see the medical staff from just going and "visiting".

Whatever it is its TOO MUCH People are being busted for ALL SORTS of crap petty possession of small amounts of pot are considered excuse enough to lock somebody up. its insane! WE THE PEOPLE really need to decriminalize victimless "crimes"!

~Ta Da~
it depends on the state, I did a report on this a few years back but its in the millions, its anywhere from 16-60 thousand per prisoner depending on the state, place, amount of security and benefits they recieve.

too much. all who have been tried and convicted and admitted who are on death row should die immediately. no sitting around for 30 years. if they admit it kill 'em. save us some money.

I've heard, about 50 dollars a day for each prisoner. Help? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AiXsfMEzThtc_RGVhArByFbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081122165545AAxf5Vp

Luis N
Doesn't that go against and amendment?

Too much.

it costs way to much

Cara G
Look on your states DOC they have all of that listed right on the site!

About 30k a year per prisoner

probably a lot more than we want to think about.

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