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How to avoid my stalking neighbor?
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How to avoid my stalking neighbor?

My neighbor just moved a man to stay with them. Lately I've been seeing him almost everytime I leave my home as if he knows my schedule. What freaked me out was at night he seemed to know when I go inside my apartment because he opens his door pretending to be doing something in the yard AT NIGHT! Three days ago when I was in the parking lot, he came out of no where walking pass me. Please help!

hi there sounds odd behaviour how old is this man? maybe he fancies you and is too shy to talk to you maybe you should ask him a simple question like what do you do i seem to bump into you a lot see what he says also do you get on with your neighbour are you friends or just say hi if you meet it could be nothing so try not to worry.. i was stalked by an ex and it was very scary he didnt give up until i went to police and solicitors then he did took a year though my nerves were shot. you could have a word talk to your neighbour ask them who this man is and where he comes from tell them what you told us maybe they can help if it continues then go to police they may have a word with him or buy a panic rape alarm and a dog so they will keep you safer on a sensible note try changing your routine go out 5 mins earlier arrive home ten mins later and instal a camera to watch your yard

Leave your home now. It happened to me. The police do nothing, mark you down as a nutter. Then the stalker can do what they like! It will only get worse. You will freak out and the police will start hassling YOU for wasting their time and may even arrest you, "to teach you a lesson". Sell up.

alf the gardener
just try changing your schedule for a few days, like an hour earlier or later from work, shopping, visiting etc. if he then appears in your new schedule call the police or better still go to a police station (as he may be following you and will stop) tell them all and give your supporting evidence.


At this point, even though his behavior is suspicious, he hasn't actually done anything that the police would consider warranting attention. Do you feel comfortable asking your neighbors what they know about this man, and letting them know about his odd behavior? Take care of yourself--avoid being alone outside while he is home, especially at night. Carry something on you to defend yourself. Is pepper spray or mace legal to carry where you are? You can also carry a heavy metal flashlight that can double as a nice club if need be. Heck, carry a baseball bat! Even if it somehow turns out this man is just a bit odd and has no foul intentions toward you, you have every right to be wary of him. It may or may not be possible, but see if you can have a friend drive home with you so that you are seen with other people (or so that other people can witness his behavior and vouch for you later if you DO need to file a restraining order!).

call the police

Brad C
restraining order! dont mess around and get hurt.

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