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How to get rid of in-laws?
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How to get rid of in-laws?

My in-laws moved in with us 1and 1/2 year ago....They are always on my case. Everything that I do that they have to criticize. My husband is a firm believer of staying together and taking care of parents. I'm a private and sensitive person. Untill now I tolerated them eventhough they tortured me for not giving them a heir yet. Now, I'm pregnant and I can't tolerate them anymore. Instead of thinking positive and staying happy during pregnancy, all I think is about in-laws and their torturing. My husband and I went to family counseling...but it didn't work. I desperate to get help to get out this mess.

(just kidding)

you have reached a "they go or I go" point in your relationship.

Greg J
Serve them a dog poop meatloaf.

Your Husband knows that His Parents are causing You and Your marriage problems. He will have to step up and talk to Them

Olimpia 2066
By not having a relationship

Answer: Shallow graves are out of the question. I, a million miles away, would perceive your husband as loving blood and just using you.

You can tell your husband they go or you do.

Tell the hubby it's time we go and find your parents a place to stay.... or I will find a place for the baby and I to stay....

The choice is your and there is no third option.

you're going to have to make a decision as to which is most important to you. you will not easily change your husband's mind.

Sergeant Vince Carter, USMC
Point them to the door and tell them to leave... seriously. It's your life and they have no right to be there if you don't want them there.

And tell your husband to grow a set.

You have three choices;
Tell your husband that he can have a mother and a wife, but he can only live with one them.
Find a cute little apartment down the street and drop hints, or,
Use your pregnancy as an excuse to be a superbi***, scare them off.

I'm not surprised that the counseling didn't work. It's obvious that your husband only thought it was supposed to make you accept it better. There are really only two options for you. Either learn to deal with it or tell your husband it's them or you. If he says them, move out.

lucy lou
I wouldn't be surprised if your in-laws are pushing your buttons on purpose to force you out b/c they have no place to go. And giving your son a guilt trip. I would secretly see a lawyer if it's comes to that and have him write up that you get the house--maybe try to get husband pay for hte payments etc.

My father in-law would always criticize me, he was also my boss until he retired. I have always been shy and afraid of confrontation. It was getting too much for me so I finally put him in his place. I told him I am now his daughter's husband and I run the house. The in-laws need to understand that it is your house and if they don't like the way you do things then they can get out.

You didn't say why your in-laws are living with you and your husband.....do they have another place to go, health problems ot financial.I would think that would have a great deal to do with whether or not you can ask them to leave. If none of that is true it should definitely be husband to ask them to leave n ot you.

I don't think this is a legal question. You need a 'dear abby' response. If your husband agrees that they can live in your house (presumably he is one of the homeowners), there's little you can do.

I can tell you this much, as critical of you as they are now- it will get much worse when they start having opinions about how you are raising their grandchild. Your husband will need to confront them and tell them what they need to do if they want 1. their son to stay married, and 2. to ever have a relationship with their grandchild.

Arsenic or bella donna spring to mind... :-) But I assume you don't want to harm them, so you just have to tell them to leave. Tell your husband he has a choice - keep his parents with him, or keep his wife and child. Tell him there are no other acceptable options. Be prepared to move out if he sides with them - because really, your relationship with him is over in that case anyway; he's already left you for his parents - not a healthy situation.

Your husband is taking care of his parents, but he is not taking care of his family. Once you are married, your spouse matters, above all. Your husband is not being a good spouse. He is putting the needs of his parents above the needs of his family, which is not a wise decision. He needs to find a balance between taking care of you and your new family and taking care of his parents. Right now, there is no balance.

You need to come to a compromise. You and your husband can still take great care of his parents without living in the same house. How about they move to a nearby apartment?

I'm so sorry you're going through this. Emphasize to your husband that this issue needs to be resolved *before* the little heir comes along.

In the meantime, get out of the house more. Take a class, join a religious group, volunteer, etc.

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