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I need examples of laws that are unjust and that morally right people are obligated to disobey!?
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I need examples of laws that are unjust and that morally right people are obligated to disobey!?

Current ones would be helpful but past works too!

Most answers so far are laws the posters disagree with. For morally right people to be obligated to disobey requires a higher standard than the law being unjust. The law would have to require people to do something that is morally wrong or prohibit something that is required by morality. I don't have any examples of actual laws at this time, but that is the standard I would use. Medical marijuana does not qualify under this standard because you have no moral obligation to smoke it.

Ol' Sasquatch
When we disobey a law of any sort, we are the unjust! While there are dumb laws, they are still laws and violating them makes us the criminal! No one is 'morally right' or 'obligated' to disobey a given law! If one considers a law to be unjust or foolish, one has the right (or even the responsibility) to fight it in a court of law! That said ... In Milwaukee, WI it is illegal to spit in a public place. However there is no fine (that I am aware of) for throwing-up in a public place. Hey, folk get sick when they get sick! Okay, not the best example! I would have to go along with the rest supporting pot for medicinal purpose! The Ol' Sasquatch √ú

to follow something that does not go along with their religious beliefs

Studbolt Slickrock
adultery and sodomy laws

matt s
Different races not being able to marry. Gay marriage ( all though I am opposed to it).

Super Trooper
In my state, it's against the law to feed the birds in the winter time.

Thomas S
Canada will refuse to extridite people to America if there is a chance they will be put to death. I know murder should be a crime but isn't that what the death penalty is. I'd say smoking pot. People don't have to do it but if they choose to it isn't wrong.

The draft in Vietnam, forcing soldiers to fight in Iraq. I agree with Thomas, there is no justice in making pot illegal... but I certainly wouldn't say anyone is obligated to disobey (except for medical purposes I suppose)

Our current personal income tax...but, you're on your own.

Laws against marijuana for medical use

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