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I was with previous employer for 12+ yrs and was fired due to someone else's mistake. I was blamed for error.
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I was with previous employer for 12+ yrs and was fired due to someone else's mistake. I was blamed for error.

In all my time with Co. I had good reviews and was never written up or reprimanded. How do I handle this with a prospective employer? will they find out if I say I was "laid off" instead of "fired"? I have no clue how to handle this!!!

why would you have been fired then???? Just tell the new employer the truth...say you know, I worked very hard for this company for 12 years. There are two sides to every story, and I would just like to say that I feel that I was unfairly terminated for reasons I still don't fully understand. I don't have any hard feelings for them, but I have to move forward.....Do NOT start bad mouthing this company or pointing blame. I don't agree with the person above who says to say you got fired for someone else's mistake. Do you really think you can sit in an interview with a new company and say something like this...NO WAY...you look like a person who doesn't accept responsibility!!!! Using my words, you kind of avoid the issue, and are still tellign the truth....do you understand why you got fired? NO!!!! was it unfair? YES. You also tell the employer that you are the type of person who puts things behind them with no hard feeling and looks towards a better future!! Now THAT's the type of person someone would hire ;)

Is there anyone at that company that will give you a letter of recommendation or at least let you use them as a reference? that will help ALOT. and as far as handling it in an interview. I had worked for company X for over 12 years with good reviews and no complaints until I was dismissed due to another co-workers error. just be honest with them.

Thats bull aww, Well u need 2 go 2 a seminar, look online its all about phrasing and quick thinking ;) good luck!

Michael F
If you were there twelve years you must have some friends there so when you go to the new employer give your friends name and number to call for when they are verifying previous employment... of course your friend has to be willing to do so. that way you don't have to tell them you were fired.

if asked if you were fired say "it was time to move on" if pressed about why say you were "let go"

Laid off and fired are the same thing. Just say the company asked you to leave for personal reasons. If the prospective employer insists, you can give details, but I would recommend against it. Good luck.

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