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Illegal Photos of children on internet?
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Illegal Photos of children on internet?

If i take a photo of my child and another child is in. If i publish that picture of the internet without the other parent's permission, is that illegal?

I don't think it's illegal but you should probably ask the parent's permission first.

It is not illegal. You own the copyright to your photos, and are free to publish them as you see fit. You could even sell copies of it. Think about it. Do child stars have to have someone sign permission for the paparazzi? Nope. This attorney is well respected on the issue of photographer's rights. No, I have nothing to do with him...I'm just a civil libertarian :) http://www.krages.com/phoright.htm

its such a dodgy issue that i really wouldnt bother publishing them on the internet just keep them for yourself thats the safest bet

its not illegel as long as its nothing dodgy but i think if they were in the bath ot swimming it is

Ben H
Yeah, just blur their face

yeah, you have to have consent i think now

Yes it is. You need written permission from the parents or a legal guardian of the child.

no it is not, however ask if they say no smudge of crut them out.

Cindi W
Legally, it is not against the law. Check out this site which is really detailed. http://www.kantor.com/useful/Legal-Rights-of-Photographers.pdf As long as you are not using the photograph for your own gain or use in advertising--there is no legal issue.

yes it is, you can be prosecuted, publishing a child's photo on the Internet without the parent/legal guardians permission,is illegal.

Not sure if it's legal or not but its about responsibility. You should ask the parents of the other child for permission because if you saw random pictures of your kids on the Internet, i don't think you would be to happy about it.

yes it is, u need permission

angel :D
you must get permission from that person first, otherwise its illegal.

James M
If it's not illegal it certainly isn't right without the parents permission. Anyhow, why would you wish to put your childs picture on the net?

As long as it's a *normal* photo then I don't think it's illegal no. As long as they are fully clothed - I'm pretty sure that even if you put up a cute picture of ur baby in a bath (we all had one taken of us like that!) then that isn't allowed.

yes it is. theoretically you have already broken the law by taking it without the parents permission.

Air Force Momma
It isn't "illegal", but you should have their permission. If you don't have their permission, they could sue you. That is why school's, daycares, and other organizations always have some sort of release form for pictures, etc. to be published and posted online.

claire t
Probably, yes. Schools etc. need our permission to publish photos of our children so I would think that you would as well.

Technically yes! It means your a paedo by current standards! In fact.....i do believe the word on the street now says-if you take a pic of your own kid, your also a paedo!!

Alpha Wolf
no! Don't do it

u might want to blur the face first

ya i think it is.

It is..It is illegal to post anyones picture without permission, but the law is so wide based and there is no way to punish.

Krazy G
No it isnt , dont worry. But you should still ask there parents .

I think so.

you should block them out or get permission.

trevor s

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