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Is illegal to park in front of someone's house in a subdivision if not blocking mailbox or driveway?
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Is illegal to park in front of someone's house in a subdivision if not blocking mailbox or driveway?

I was taking my 2 year old daughter to a birthday party today and in my friend's neighborhood and so I parked my car on my friend's street (they live in a subdivision) and naturally their driveway was full. This very rude lady asked me if I lived around here and I told her I was going to my friends house (I even told her who they were) for a birthday party and she told me (very evil-like that I couldn't park in front of her house. I am a really nice person so I moved the car, but I thought that if it is a public street I have a right to park on it as long as I am not obstructing the mailbox or driveway. We were there for a child's party....for goodness sake. I really wanted to tell her off, mostly because of the way she spoke to me...but now just out of principal I just want to know my rights...there were no signs saying no parking or anything. Does anyone know the answer? Was I doing anything illegal?

It is perfectly legal to park where you did, and she was being rude.

Melisa Maria
Technically, you weren't on her property so you really didn't "have" to move the car. A street is public property. On the other hand, a front yard is not, but i'm sure you weren't in her yard. Seems to me like it was just another grumpy person. You're good. =)

Corinna P
You were doing nothing wrong. the road is a public highway. you pay your car tax so you have a right to park on any road you like - with exceptions ie yellow lines etc. I would go round to your friends house again and park in the same spot just to annoy the neighbour! if she starts on you again ask her to call the police - she hasnt got a leg to stand on!! what a nosey neighbour she proberly has nothing to do all day!!

not illegal she's a *****

yes you could of parked there because people in my neighborhood does it all the time. just as long as you don't block the part where they put their trash at then you would of pissed off the home owner.

You can park on side streets anywhere that it is not posted otherwise. No double parking.

She is a cranky ***** who needs to leave you alone!

It really depends on the subdivision, state, county, city, everything like that. Not all streets are public. Even ones that would seem public may not be.

If it is a part of some sort of association they can have your vehicle towed and "punish" the person who you were visiting.

no it is not illegal to park in the streets in front of the house because i live in a subdivision and my mom parks in front of the house all the time, so you should have had every right to park where you parked but some people are just weird like that and dont like people parking in the streets but i dont think you should have moved your car for her because she was mad i think you had every right to leave it there....................!

You were not doing anything illegal. It is understandable that when people have parties, etc., that some will park in front of neighbors' houses.

But since you had your daughter with you, you did the right thing. If you had told her off, what kind of example would that have set for her? Also, you have to consider your friend' relationship with their neighbors. Talk to her about it and next time you come over, park in front of the beyotch's house (without your child present) and if she tells you something, and your neighbor approves, think of clever ways to tell her off while being calm, putting her in her place and being very mature about it. People HATE that and they really have no comeback. People get really really pisst when you make them feel stupid.

You Were Not Doing Anything Illegal The Lady Just Does Not Want People She Does Not Know Parking In Front Of Her House. T

It really does depend on the state, county, and city laws or ordinances, as well as on any restrictions placed by that particular subdivision. Some of them really do have private streets, not paid for by taxpayers and all that. Others have courtesy guidelines.

Of course she should have spoken more kindly to you in asking that you not block her house. The only way we will ever stop (or even reduce) public rudeness is by not answering rudeness with rudeness. Thank you very much for your self-control in not returning rudeness for rudeness. It's so good to know that people are actually still trying to do that!

Mom of PT, expecting #2
if there is not a sign stating no parking and you were not blocking anyones driveway, mailbox or fire hydrant then you were fine to park on the street. The only other reason you could not park there that I can think of is if the curb was painted to indicate a fire lane.

If you were not blocking access to a driveway or a mailbox, too close to an intersection or a fire hydrant and there were no "no parking here" signs then you were within your rights to park there, of course unless it is a private street, not a public thoroughfare.

if it is not posted it is legal old ladys are mean

ohio gal
My hubby's friend was whining about his neighbor parking in front of his house. I asked if they were blocking his way out of the cul de sac, but he said no. I wanted to tell him to grow up and quit whining, but that would have been rude also.

as long as the car is not parked for more than 1 or 2 days you can park any place. I used to have a neighbor who did the same stupid stuff. Just made my family want to park in front of her house more often, even when our driveway was empty.

Alaskan Beauty
I think it may depend on the subdivision/neighborhood. The owner of the property can be a real pill if they wanted to & have it towed.

Legally you were not breaking any laws since you were going to a house very nearby & had the old hag called the police you would be in the right. Where else were u supposed to park? What a female DOG!

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