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Is it illegal to open a package not addressed to you sent via UPS?
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Is it illegal to open a package not addressed to you sent via UPS?

If the package was given to you by someone for the benefit of the owner you are liable.
For instance if the delivery person gave it to you.
The law does not hold you liable for things that show up at your house. Becareful of packages sent to your house that you are not expecting. Open it outside away from loved ones. Open it from the middle. If the box starts making any noise run really fast away from it.
If biological substances are a concern call an expert.

I am not a lawyer so your on your own.

ahhhhh yeah. That's not only invasion of privacy it's theft. It can be tracked back to your house by the receiver and UPS...

First Lady

Well as long the driver missed delivered to your address then you can return it to a driver or a UPS collection point but now if you stole the package yes that is a crime and the USPS is the same except they have there own Police call US Postal Inspectors that keeps the mail safe and secure and if you steal mail or a package well all i have to say is you don't want to see them pull up in your driveway.

yup , u cant tamper with the us mail

old lady
Yes, it is. If a package is mis-directed and delivered to you, it is your responsibility to call UPS and tell them they have made a mistake. If you keep the package and open it, you have committed a criminal act.
If your package went astray and someone else opened it, they can be charged with theft. There may be other charges as well, because UPS requires someone to sign for the package, and if they forged your signature, that is another offence.


It's OK, as United Parcel Service is NOT the Untied States Postal Service

princess angel 2207
yeah, when u sign for the package, then i would be proof u did it,.

illegal and immoral

It may or may not be legal. It is certainly unethical.
Not everything that is legal to do is right.
(Do you really need to ask this question?)

Would YOU want someone to open a package which was intended for YOU? I doubt it. That's dishonest and it's theft.

yeah, but who cares??? If there is nothing good in it throw it in a dumpster, away from your house.

Im not sure about illegal but it would be unethical to open something that wasnt adressed to you on purpose.

i know that tampering with mail is a felony... but i think that's primarily with anything sent USPS. i'm not sure about ups, but my common sense tells me that it's probably not legal in some degree or another. i know it's legal to sign for someone else's package, but it's up to that person to make sure that the intended reciever gets their parcel.

so as far as the legality, i don't know.. but it's definitely a moral and ethical decision.. which apparently the person who opened your UPS package didn't consider.


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