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Is it illegal to take pictures of people?
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Is it illegal to take pictures of people?

with consent ,yes

yes it is

Chief Wahoo!
what do you think the press does?

Everyone who has been caught by a red light camera wishes that were true.

it depends on where it is in the open out doors and as long as it wont be on anything like youtube it should be fine

If you don't have their permission then yes its illigal. If they give you consent then go ahead.

Its illegal to upload them without their permission.

No...you can take pictures of anyone you like.

The way you distribute them is another matter

In UK under 18 i believe is illegal without parent consent. Not a strict rule though especially if you are under 18 too.

im pretty sure you can't legally publish them without their permission but if you just take their picture and do nothing with it then yea i think its legal

If it's in a public place, like the mall or on the street, no it's not illegal. When you start creeping around discretely to take pictures without them knowing, then yes it is.

If you're outside, or in a public area, and they happen to get caught in the frame of a picture, you're in no real trouble.

If you intentionally take a photo OF a particular person without their consent or knowledge, it could get hairy, if they ever found out.

I don't think it is cause the Rodney King story would have never happened if not for a video. So many things happen when people take pictures moving or still & we never hear of anyone in trouble for that. It might be illegal to be on certain property so a person could claim trespassing.

If your taken pics of a crowd at a fair or carnival or game and you do not intend to use it in a harmful manner then no But if you take a pic of a person not out in public doing something private and don't have permission yes. If you ust it wrong or post it somewhere for all the world to see Wrong. Google this or something like laws of taking pics of people in NV and see what you come up with. Be careful cause it can be a fine line between right and wrong.

Scooby Dooby Doooo
Yes and No

The general rule. When you’re on public property (a street, sidewalk, city park, etc) you can take pictures of what you see. This means that you can also photograph private property as long as you’re not trespassing to get the shot.

Unfortunately, life is never that simple. There are a couple exceptions to the rule and other details you need to know.
Does the photo subject expect privacy?

Even on public property, you can’t photograph somebody who has a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” Basically, that means you can’t snap shots of people in the bathroom, a dressing room, or similar places. Ask yourself: “Would the average person expect privacy?” If so, don’t take a photo.

Along the same lines, don’t sneak photographs of people from bizarre angles. In essence, you can’t go around taking “up skirt” photographs. Even if you’re on the public sidewalk.

Well, assuming you're not a Peeping Tom, taking pictures of people in changing rooms or bathrooms, etc., then it's not so much a question of whether or not it's illegal to TAKE pictures of people, it's a question of what you do with the pictures AFTER you take them that's the problem.

In other words, yes, you can take pictures of people in public places, like parks, for your own personal enjoyment, but you cannot then sell or use those pictures for profit without having "Model Releases" from any and all recognizable people in the photographs.

Good luck, and the link below is to a webpage about Model Releases and when you need them...

Perfectly Paranoid
not at all. I used to end up on the cover of our local newspaper all the time and no one ever paid me a dime. It is illegal to take an existing picture and re use it without consent. [i.e. copywrite]

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