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Is it legal for a company not to hire someone because they have high blood pressure?
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Is it legal for a company not to hire someone because they have high blood pressure?

Is it legal for a company not to hire someone because they have high blood pressure. A friend went for a physical for a job offer, including blood and urine testing - but the doctor told him that they would not sign off on the physical and he would not be hired because he had high blood pressure.

Perfectly legal. If the job involves physical labor, high blood pressure could render the person unable to safely perform the job. The guy was required to meet certain physical standards to perform the responsibilities of the job. He failed the physical. The guy should probably go make an appointment with his family doc to see what needs to be done to get his BP under control. Depending on how high it was - the guy could be a candidate for a stroke are heart attack.

candy g
yes of course.the company for what ever reasonn requires all future employees to have a full medical and PASS it, your friend did NOT pass it, hence the job offer is removed.........for instance to be a truck driver you HAVE to pass a medical. you can have blood pressuree issues but if it is controlled with medicine then the blood pressure would NOT have been an issue,clearly this person was not addressing their blood pressuree problem so why should they hire them!!!

Chris Barry
Absolutely. No company has an obligation to hire anyone. This is smart on the company's part, because they will be forced to pay the higher healthcare bills of someone who clearly doesn't care about their health.

Yes, that's legal. The company might know that the job is a high stress job, for instance, and not want to endanger someone's health. Or the company might just be trying to keep its insurance costs down. Your friend needs to get his blood pressure under control. Nowadays, it's an employer's market, there are many more applicants than there are openings, and companies can pick and choose who they want to hire.

Sigi H
If the job causes high stress or is in a high stress environment, then they can refuse to hire. High stress causes higher blood pressure on top of the high blood pressure he already has. Nobody wants to be held responsible and sued if that creates more health problems.

Jem B
A company can reserve that right not to hire someone because of health problems for example you must have 20/20 vision to become an astronaut so yes it is legal for a company to not hire someone because of health problems

Court F
There are many jobs that can and do require somebody to pass a physical before being hired. High blood pressure is a valid reason for not passing a physical.

Dmitry Kostyaev
A company can refuse to hire somebody if they don't like the tie that the guy wore to the interview. They are the ones paying the salary so it's their call.

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