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Is it legal to detain somebody for more than 48 hrs for immigration or "ice" when there are no criminal charge
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Is it legal to detain somebody for more than 48 hrs for immigration or "ice" when there are no criminal charge

Is it legal to detain somebody for more than 48 hrs for immigration or "ice" when there are no criminal charges? Please see that my question is how long can some one be detained nothing else.

They have 72 hours and immigration is now a offense to be detained indefinitely. The old INS no long exist. If there is no reason for a person to be in the country then they can be held for terrorist evaluation. The Govt will not let illegals free out on the streets and come to find they only needed to blow up a building. The people of the US will no long stand for it and the Govt is obligated to deport. Illegals are subject to all the new acts and are of a Federal matter. Anyone, who lets them go would be subject to imprisonment themselfs.


yes. The potential for deportation is not a criminal charge.

Immigration problem is a simple offense and a suspected person violating immigrations laws must be released after 48 hours.

yes, if they believe there is probable cause.

If ICE picks someone up because they are in this country illegally, THAT is the crime. ICE can hold the individual until a determination is made as to deportation, etc. as well as an investigation into other charges. But the fact that the person is here illegally is sufficient reason to hold him.

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