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Is it legal to smoke marijuana in Bryant Park, New York City?
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Is it legal to smoke marijuana in Bryant Park, New York City?

Because a friend told me how they saw a cop walk right by someone smoking a joint there and didn't do anything about it. He said it clearly smelled like marijuana too.

idk but its not legal to smoke salvia, k2 or wild kratom

If you are just smoking a joint and don't have any quantity on you and the cops bust you and you aren't a smart-*** to them, you will get a desk appearance ticket.

That means a ticket for which you are required to appear in court. If you actually show up in court, they will laugh merrily because hardly anyone ever does, and then suspend the sentence for a year and then it is dropped providing you aren't charged again similarly in that time.

If you don't show up, then you are in the system and if you get in any trouble down the road, they've got that to hold you with.

It's illegal, but should be LEGAL! It's quite stupid for a marijuana to be illegal, much safer/better than alcohol, and hell it's even safer than caffeine!!! Why does it stay illegal? Idk... It doesn't ruin lives, doesn't kill you, etc... Why does it give lung cancer? Not because of the drug itself of marijuana, but it is because of what drug dealers (or mafia, black market drug business) put inside the joint without you noticing and gets you hook on other drugs... It's safe to grow your own weed, but it is illegal, quite stupid... The government will only make it legal, when they figured a way to money off of it with tax, but they know too much people plants their own... Look I stopped smoking, because I really don't need it, it's not a habit, only at parties or with friends, to have fun, and stop the boredom. Doesn't make yellow teeth, you just have to brush your teeth for it to be not yellow, cigs, beer, coffee are more toxic than marijuana... This isn't knowledge, this is true facts... Don't believe false logic of the product without doing any research of yourself, because everyone got built up on "reefer madness" (false information about marijuana)... If it turns legal, it'll stop fights, problems, and cure some chaos... And the mafia wants it to be illegal for the $$$, but if it is legalized, it'll stop their profit by much, because marijuana is their biggest drug to sell! Why give the decision for them to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco? When it is much worse than pot... Everyone doesn't react with legal drugs which are worse than marijuana, but the only reason why people react to weed, just because it is illegal (and plus the reefer madness)... You are much safer to smoke marijuana then drink beer or smoke cigs... Plus marijuana isn't that much addicting, beer and cigs are more addicting than it... You don't need to live on the drug, you barely need the drug... It is just for some times when you want to party like the same with beer...

So don't smoke there it is illegal, wait till the world realizes this little harmless plant is not bad, but a gift from god, lol! But still I don't believe in... nvm... lol! Why go through all this trouble to make this plant that naturally grows in the south illegal? We have bigger problems with drugs that do ruin yourr life, Class A drugs, like heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, etc...

Big al
HELP my parents have been SCAMMED 200+ GRAND!!?

Phil Deese
maybe they were locals and the cop knew them. cops sometimes don`t hassle people if they know them or have seen then before and to arrest someone for simple possession is just a waste of time.

Just Me
Its not legal to smoke it anywhere in NYC or any city for that matter. I can't say why the cop did nothing... but don't try it yourself. NYC has some of the strictest drug laws. A friend I knew had a little more than what a cop would consider personal use and he's looking at 10 or more years in jail - already did 18 months.

No, it is not legal.

Ummmm, no. Nor is it illegal to speed, but people drive by cops at 56+ all the time. If you are anything like me, you'll be the one he arrests for smoking.

Kefka Palazzo
smoking pot isn't legal anywhere in the us of a

Yes it is not.

It Girl
Knowing the NYPD, the cop was probably high himself and didn't even notice. There isn't any place in NY where it is legal to smoke pot.

The Wife is right. They will shake you down for smoking a cigarette on your front stoop most of the time, let alone having the audacity to roll up some green in public. NYPD loves to collect all that evidence. But if you've been mugged or murdered, they drag their feet getting to you.

Mrs Randal Graves
its not legal anywhere.

My heart Is In Ohio
Nope. The only legal place would be Amsterdam.

answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AubbASwI3Rs13zMEbhPO3bbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090810091133AAJxuYk

Forget War Buy More
No, it's not.

Conway Twitty
the cop just wasnt having a bad day...i wouldnt take the risk

No, I don't think it's legal.

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