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Is it true that black people are less likely to get a job than a white person? Can we prevent stereotype?
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Is it true that black people are less likely to get a job than a white person? Can we prevent stereotype?

I like black people more than white person. I don't know why. I think they are more human than us. (I mean they are older in the world) I know i couldn't tell my idea right.

the moose
no.. i think it is pretty/goodlooking people are at top for getting jobs.. thin opposed to heavier.. tall as opposed to short. who u know .. not what u know. so if you are tall ..good looking and have a nice shape.. you r in. black white or blue.

I douught that anymore cause of all this affirmative action crap, most places i go out to eat or shop are pretty much full of minority workers, I think its harder now for a white guy to get a job without any form of higher education. Corprate America I think is still mainly all white but the rest of it is minority ruled.

There are racist people all over the world, we just have to pray for them to see that GOD made everybody all different shape's,size's and COLORS.

someday people will see this until then we have to over look ALL stereotype's and hope they grow up and get a life!!

Unfortunately, its true. Its also true that, statistically speaking, more non-blacks have higher levels of education in order to get those jobs. Do sociological factors often cause this? Absolutely. Also, unfortunately, as a white person, I know plenty of old, fat white dudes who might be less inclined to hire someone because they were black.

I do not know this answer with statistics but I would guess it depends on the job. I do not think there is any way to prevent stereotypes because it is normal brain function to categorize.

life is all about stereotyping ...it's human nature ...and it depends on where the black person is looking for a job ...people tend to look for emloyees that are similar to them..so if a white person applies to a place where the majority of employees are black or chinese or any other kind, he or she won't get a job ...you know "crash" is a perfect movie about stereotyping ..it not only makes u feel but also think all the time..because it proves that there is no such thing as a perfect person that does not stereotype..it all just depends on the situation and we all show our good and bad traits thoroughout our lives

The Princess
I don't think that's true anymore unless the person that's doing the hiring is a racist..

Unfortunately I believe that racism still exists in this day and age. I have a good friend who was threatened by a cop that if he took him to the country and shot him in the back, nobody would ever suspect it was he that committed the murder. (white cop black friend). He ticketed my friend for something frivolous and told him to get the hell out of town. No kidding....I am appalled that in America today this still happens. How very sad.

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