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Is it true that blacks get longer sentences for the same crimes than whites do UK?
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Is it true that blacks get longer sentences for the same crimes than whites do UK?

Is it still true that a black person is likely to get a longer sentence for committing the same crime as a white person. Where can I find statistics to back up this argument either way? Mary J... it WAS NOT a statement. It was a question in which I CLEARLY asked for you to provide me with statistics. This is just you opinion not a fact.

robert c
No!That statement is not true!

Bumumble the 3rd (Bow down 2 me)
probably, thats why we get stopped and searched more often

no and they get away with far more,the police turn a blind eye to places in london because they dont want a riot.sir paul condon,said statistics showed that most muggings were commited by young black men,this caused complaints,but he was only stating the facts.

No it is absolutely not, questions like this are designed to cause racial tension

Nicholas C
I think it used to be true during the 1980's in some instances. However these days I doubt it would be the case following the Stephen Lawrence enquiry with the police, CPS, courts service so terrified of being accused of racism. I think this is old news.

its complete rubbish. its probably a statistic based on numbers, in which case it could be made to look that way. if it were true! then we would never hear the last of it.

NO White black green or blue, if you do the crime expect to do the time!

everyone got the same sentence for the same crime. now if you are a repeat offender you will likely get a stiffer sentence. if they find a weapon was used in the crime or even just on you, you will receive a stiffer sentence if this was the third time you committed the same type of crime you will probably get life. the tales that black men spin about getting more time than a white man are just that , tales. now in the deep south years ago it might well be true that white men got off easier, but remember in those days a lot of black men unfortunatelywere not educated and a certain element of the southernwhite community were able to make sure a crime was blamed on the black man i'm sad to say. but no reason to get angry for their souls are probably rotting in hell this very minute

Seven of 9
My friend did a criminology study on this about 5 years ago and it found that the same crimes were generally punished more severely for black defendants. One case there were two youths who had been in a robbery or something. One black and one white. The judge gave the white one a much shorter sentence than the black one. When asked why he had done that, he said the white lad looked me straight in the eye, but the black lad did not seem to show remorse and wouldnt even look at me. On further study, that was shown to be a cultural difference - his background defined staring into the face of respected people is regarded as insolent. In a number of cases the failure to understand cultural nuances whilst on trial can encourage white jurors or jugdges to judge them more harshly than someone from their own background. So sorry cant remember the name of the study, but look at Keele University's Criminology site, you could get some answers there.

jo king
where in the hell you got that from,no it's not true ,they get convicted for the crime the white person committed instead

I believe they are very smilier. I only found a comparison on ethnicity for parole in the UK. A study from the US does show longer sentences for black people.

Is it hell, they get pampered rotten in this country. They can get away with bloody murder. We can't, if whites kill a black it's all over the papers for years and years, heinous crime, if blacks kill a white it's on page 54. Don't you worry about the blacks here they've even got their own body protecting them and everybody's frightened to death of upsetting em in case they cry RACIST or 'it's not fair'. This country's a shambles.

Impossible. The judge's discretion in sentencing is so limited these days that even if he or she were racist (which is highly unlikely) they would be unable to translate that racism into more lenient sentences for whites and harsher for blacks.

Alig String
I don't know but if it is true its terrible.

Mary J
No that is absolute rubbish. There would be no statistics for such a silly statement. sorry. In answer to your indignation....... I think you will find that it is a statement - a statement is defined as, 'something that is stated' in plain English this means it has been said. Look it up in the dictionary.....

perhaps, but suggest those figures are not readily available to members of the public.

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