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Is pepper spray illegal in the UK?
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Is pepper spray illegal in the UK?

Just wondering if i would be breaking the law if I tried bringing some back from the states.

silly gorbie
Not illegal per se but classed as a firearm and so you would need a firearms licence to posses it.

Yes it is specifically illegal under the firearms act and carrying anything with the intention of using it to defend yourself is being in possession of and offensive weapon

Yea, as you might hurt a criminal with it.

it is unless you are a police man or woman

Caicos Turkey
Yes, it is classified as an offensive weapon. The sale and possession of pepper spray is illegal under section five of the Firearms Act.as many people have found to their cost. Here is a little link I found about a recent offender.http://www.derehamtimes.co.uk/content/derehamtimes/news/story.aspx?brand=DFTOnline&category=News&tBrand=DFTOnline&tCategory=News&itemid=NOED07%20Jun%202007%2012%3A23%3A07%3A123 Be warned!

Yes you would be breaking the law if you brought pepper spray into the country. I asked a policeman about this because I used to open up a shop at 5am in a horrible dark alley. He told me that it was illegal and to have a small tin of hairspray handy when opening up as he heard this was guaranteed to stop an attacker or mugger for the precious seconds you need to get away. I cannot get charged with having an offensive weapon if all I have in my posession is a handbag size tin of hairspray if I got searched.

Not if they dont find it...

yes, it is illegal, can only be used by the police.

A tricky question. I do not know if it is an effective defensive weapon or not? CS & CN gas is not effective because it takes too long. The Police use it, often where it is dangerous like confined spaces, football stadia and railway stations. Not recommended, and probably illegal to actually use it. I think it might be legal to possess it, but what is the point of that. Proper pepper spray may be an alternative to a hand gun as the assault (self defence?) can be made at a distance. But substitutes do not work. The psychotic attacker does not register imitations it in his neantherdal head. The gypsies used to make up a substance called "baccy dust" which contained cayenne pepper and other ingredients, which they used to throw in the face of assailants. (England 50 years ago).

Yes, if you was caught by customs with it they would take it off of you anyway.

Yes, it is illegal to possess in the UK.

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