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Is there a law against pretending to be a police officer?
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Is there a law against pretending to be a police officer?

im pretty sure there is, since there have been a lot of rape cases in wich someone pretends to be a police officer.

There's a fine line here. It's not illeagal to dress up like a cop. What is illeage is to impersonate one, you can't try to carry out duties as a cop. That is illeagal.

Yes, but you can dress up as a girl and be alright.


Yes...Real Police Officers take this type of crime very serious and very personal.

Unless it is holloween or you are in a Gay Bar

P.S. My neighbor has a uniform you can borrow. He works in a Hotel


Your additional details leave out important information. Was the message left as a joke? Was it a person trying to collect a debt? What was the purpose of the message?

Your friend saying, "This is the police, we have you surrounded," then laughing, probably won't be considered illegal. But someone telling you that they are a police officer and will come to arrest you ... if you don't pay your department store charge account ... definately is. If it is your ex-gf's new bf telling you to stop harrassing her, you might want to just drop it.

Yeah, It's called impersonating a police officer. The judge will probably frown on this....

Every jurisdiction has some type of law against impersonating a poice officer. Some costume rental shops won't even carrier police costumes anymore.

Yes, it is called impersonating an officer.

It is a very serious crime because the actions that you take while impersonating an officer could destroy the reputation that real officers have.

Guerrilla Soldier
yes, impersonating an officer of the law is a crime.

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