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Much of the blame for the Depression was placed unfairly on Hoover.?
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Much of the blame for the Depression was placed unfairly on Hoover.?

True or False

Hoover's administration didn't cause it, but it's reaction (or lack of one) to it has been criticized.

Fern O
True...maybe unfairly, but he was an accomplice to the Republican Party. What happened in the 1920s is relative to what's happening now...no transparency, oversight and accountability. Big business ran the country then as much as it does today. Notice the Bush Administration imposing new regulations on the financial market system (unseen since Hoover)...That coming from a Republican should tell you that we may be in a bigger financial mess than most people anticipated. If that's true, we may see a NEW political shift in this country come November. A more progressive New Deal...like 1932. It will require painful sacrifice for all Americans, but in the end it may correct the inequalities that exist today, and push aside the ideology of greed that got us here in the first place. Go Democrats...the next generation is yours. Fix it!!!

True, Hoover was not to blame for the crash of '29 or the Depression that followed. However, having just taken office a few months before, his response to the crises caused many to view him as callous and uncaring. People were just looking for a scapegoat and it ended up being Hoover.

Little Mark
I think Electrolux did more damage.

luv books

harry k
Hoover signed the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act. Since, that act is regarded as the reason for the great depression, yes he has to accept blame.

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