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My neighbor is a drug dealer?
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My neighbor is a drug dealer?

I moved into my new apartment a few months ago, come to find out that my next door neighbor is a drug dealer. Cars briefly stop by constantly, he goes out to the car, will give the guys a handshake and hug the girls, then goes right back inside. I am very bothered by this and do not want to have this sort of activity going on inside my own home! I am afraid that if I report him, he will find out by putting two and two together because I am a new neighbor and I get somehow get it some deep trouble? I am torn on what to do?

If he hasnt bothered u theres no real reason to worry hes just a drug dealer not a serial maniac killer. i wouldnt bother worrying, and maybe in future mind your own buisness?

OK first...DO NOT... -CONFRONT HIM ABOUT YOUR THOUGHS (he could be, and most drug dealers are, violent. and that's the only opportunity to put "2 and 2" together expecting you to report him since you just confronted him about it..and he wouldn't want that to happen would he?) -FORGET THIS WHOLE THING (you never know? what if he is? do you just wanna leave this alone and possibly get involved in not-so-good things for not fixing this?) -GET INVOLVED WITH THIS GUY (he calls you up or knocks on the door DON'T answer or let him in cause you're not sure if he's a lunatic or some drug addict or not...ok?...) DO... -TRY TO SECRETLY GATHER EVIDENCE IF YOU CAN..(don't let him know what your up to...and don't do anything illegal e.g. trespass in his house or something stupid like that. if you can't get evidence or facts...just hope the police believe your story) -CALL THE POLICE RIGHT AWAY (but make sure your SURE about this, don't want him knowing you called 911 on him ACUSING him of something like that. Remember: he could still be violent) I wish Good Luck to you....Hope if he is one, that they catch him, and if so Good Job! :) If not still Good Luck! :D Hope I Helped!

Are you asking because you are fishing for legitimate ideas on how to break your lease? There are none. The landlord is not responsible for the activities of your neighbor. If he really is overtly dealing drugs out of his home, I am sure that your local police department is already aware of it. So you see, the situation will eventually clear itself up. In the meantime, mind your own business. The next time you move, be sure to thoroughly check out the neighborhood. Drive around at different times during the day and night to look for suspicious activities. Take care

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I think its best to keep to yourself, unless he directly involves you in someway ,btw if he is just selling weed I wouldnt worry too much, if its crack or something worse id be more wary

I would report it as well! You should be able to do so anonymously and you never know, others may have already reported it as well. People and drugs = dangerous behaviour! I'm assuming that the people telling you not to report are drug users and may be concerned that their supplier will be going down or they have no children so do not care about the impact of drug use.

Anonymous call to police from a public call box should do the trick. I lived next a dealer and over a period of time myself and neighbours were harassed by people who came to buy drugs. You've more to fear from the drug users than the dealer.

There is no justice anyway, criminals just get a hand slap and set on there way. Unless he is a hardened criminal the chance of the problem disappearing after calling the police is minimal. You are right you would be putting yourself at risk which is a sickening thought, that criminals come first in our so called civilized country!! For your own safety do not draw any attention to yourself and you can put pressure on your local councilor/MPs. When calling the police try phoning on a public phone anonymous. EDIT It will take time for the police to build a case to even make an attempt to warrant a raid so you wont see a fix straight away. They will more and likely get fined and released anyway due to expense and how full prisons are!!

Trent Smith
I have a drug dealer who lives across the road from me and i sit on my porch sometimes and just watch the cars roll in call him go around the block and come back and collect. Everyone on our street knew but didn't do anything (maybe because they were scared but i always found them pretty nice). If it really bothers you the best thing you can do is wait a while until it doesn't look so obvious you being the new guy and all, just in case they are loco you don't want to be in their bad books if you get me.

Jasdeep Bieber "Baby Baby Baby!"
Are you 100% sure he's selling drugs? I would report him. This is your place of residence too...why should you have to put up with that type of living situation. Don't address the situation with him and then call the police...because then he'll put two n two together. Go on about with your business, keep yourself to yourself...politely greet him whenever you're in the hallways or outside if you ever see him.

When you report him and he is caught, how will he put two and two together? What can he do while he is in jail? I understand you are in a difficult situation, and if you cannot move out of this apartment, I would recommend reporting him if you really feel unsafe. In this case, you should also request some kind of protection so that nothing happens to you for the few weeks or months following. Sorry about your predicament, though. ):

i would report him......things are calm but what if they get out of hand like people showing up with guns ablazing and bullets flying thru your house?

It's not going on in your house. Leave it, he's not bothering you so why bother him?

Mushroom Man
Do not report him!!! You do not know what he'll do to you if he finds out. Talk to him and tell him that you don't want him selling drugs near your house.

call police

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