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Reasons why the death penalty should be LEGAL?
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Reasons why the death penalty should be LEGAL?

I need 3 examples with counter points :O

Maya E
possibly for the reason that they may commit the same crime if on bail and nowadays there is not much room in federal prisons, so they may just let the person out.

I'm opposed to the death penalty but I have one for you. No one that has ever been successfully executed has ever committed another crime. lp

Brown Bear
(1) To terrify criminals from committing certain crimes (1 counter) Potential of abuse by corrupt authorities (2) If done expediently and cheaply, saves the taxpayer a lot of money on imprisonment fees. (2 counter) Those wrongly convicted might not have much time to appeal. (3) Reduces the potential for repeat offenders (3 counter) Murderers didn't start as murderers, so it would not significantly reduce the # of murders.

the ugly kid
I'll give you 3 examples and no counter points.that's your job. 1) that nut job in Arizona. 2) i watch a lot of "gangland", 'inside Americas prisons" and "cops" and thugs consider it an honor to do time.like their a bad-ass or something. 3) because of #2 there is no fear of the judicial system or punishment.

None. If someone is wrongfully convicted, they can always be released from prison. But they can't be brought back to life.

It's hella less expensive. Why should mass murderers and rapists be fed and housed on taxpayers' dollars? However, there's always the possibility that a prisoner on death row was wrongly convicted. If new evidence crops up regarding a ten year old old case, it's hard to overturn that conviction if he's dead. :

people actually have to pay a penalty for their crimes and not just get released to commit more.

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