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Should an individual forfeit his/her human rights for murder?
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Should an individual forfeit his/her human rights for murder?

If so, what do you propose is the next stage? Execution? No need to go in to any more detail, though I look forward to your debates on this.

Mac the Knife
If part of your Human Rights is for no harm to come to come to you in prison, then the only way that can be achieved for any criminal is to put them all in solitary confinement. Perhaps they should be given this choice and this explained to them. If they don't want to do this then they should sign a bit of paper that states they have chosen to be with the prison population and accept all responsibility for anything that happens to them. It seems very odd that someone can sue the government from inside prison because they have been harmed and not protected by prison staff, yet we can't do the same on the outside where we are supposed to be protected by the police.

The question is a matter of semantics, numbers and degrees of beliefs. If you are considering a sit. where a man kills his neighbour over a fence line , that one thing. When one contracts another to kill or incapacitate another over a belief, its another thing. When a group contracts another group to do the same, for whatever belief, we call it by another name that sounds less antagonistic. Im sure you are talking about the first one, because , one, the numbers involved are small , two the effect on the rest of the population is negligible and of no consequence, three once the problem is removed, it is easily forgotten..

Yes - forfeit some of them, don’t necessarily have to execute them though it depends on the crime - premeditated mass murder for example. ‘Human Rights’ are a relatively new concept anyway in Human history - not long ago slavery was considered a good thing. And they’re not universal - some countries still have child labour, torture, no right to a fair trial etc etc. ElleC says you have to be 110% sure - but why? (even if there was such a thing) The same process that decided what rights were Human Rights also decided on ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ as a fair test.

in the USA the people on death row are more likely to die of old age then be executed by the state statistics show that the death sentence does not deter crime but when a person is sentenced to the death sentence the cost of the trial and appeals and stays of execution is *$Priceless* The wheels of justice move very slowly in the USA

The person is still a human. His or her human rights must be protected. The person's civil rights is a horse of another color.

Committing a crime and being punished for it involves some loss of human rights as it is (i.e. liberty). However, the authorities are duty bound to protect the people who they incarcerate - both from themselves (suicide) and from others (murderous inmates and sadistic prison officials).

Señor Sñarky
Sure. Murder is a voluntary act. Nobody makes you do it. If you choose to deprive somebody else of their right to live, you've just forfeited your right to do all kinds of things, including possibly live yourself. There's no right that can't be taken away with due process of law.

ElleC [Troll Patrol]
You can only forfeit a murderers human rights once they have been convicted and only when you are 110% sure that they committed a crime- up until then they are only suspected murderers. 110% meaning that you are completely beyond any sort of doubt- i.e indisputable proof that the person committed the crime because other wise you could be taking away someones human rights without cause. This is all well and good if that person is only incarcerated for a short periods of time, but becomes an entirely different ball game if they are put to death. (1952- would you even question me if one of your family members was on death row for a crime that they say they didn't commit? because most people wouldn't, and if that is the case then people should remember that just because it's a stranger doesn't mean it should be easier to convict them. I don't necessarily disagree with the death penalty, it's just that there are only a tiny number of cases where I feel it can be used otherwise the risk of killing an innocent person is too high.

B Sandy
i think there is some error in ur question. it should be right of self defense not rite of murder . but u must be able to prove it

NOBODY forfeits their human rights under any condition. That's why they are called HUMAN rights - you only have to be human to have them.

If the individual is of a mind to cause pre-meditated murder, no punishment is great enough.

punishment should reflect on the crime

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