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Should prisoners be allowed to obtain a college degree while incarcerated?
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Should prisoners be allowed to obtain a college degree while incarcerated?

lol...I tried to edit that....I meant to say should ppl be allowed. Oh well...you get the jist.

Yes. In fact it should be encouraged. I will gladly pay taxes for this -- it will ultimately reduce number of people who re-offend(because it will be easier for them to get a job), and thus save tax money.

Some say that the res of us should be allowed as well The main reason is to give them some privilege to giv a reason to follow rules and, at time, to give hem skill on discharge. Yes, it is mostly abused.

Big Bama Fan
Remember, those prisoners will get out one day. They will be living in your town and shopping at the same grocery store with you sister, your mother, and your wife. Do you want to make them worse or try to have them get out with a positive future? I vote to help them get an education if they will work to do it. I'd rather see them with a job and not be doing a job on society.

If they pay for it, then they should be able to do so.

Absolutely! While the purpose of prison is punishment and a detriment to crime, if there is no rehabilitation then many people wind up back in jail. Recidivism is high - mostly due to poor rehabilitation. Except for white collar crime, many people get out of prison, they have no skills, no education, no experience, except how to be even meaner - and we expect them to adjust and become good citizens. While I don't know the actual statistics, I have read studies that show it is cheaper to educate and rehabilitate people while they are in prison, than it is to house and feed them not to mention the cost of returning to crime and not getting caught. I don't think prison should be fun or easy - it is punishment - but I do think further education and increasing possibilities of returning to society with more chance for success is good for all of us.

Send 'em all to Arizona where they are treated as "Prisoners" not hotel guests and perhaps they will not re-enter the system when they are allowed out in to the big bad world.

NO FRACKING WAY. They did a crime and they should pay. The only thing they should be able to obtain is a pick and shovel and road time.

YES, you give a man a fish you feed him for that day , you teach that man how to fish you feed him a life time !!!!

Only if they will likely have a future after prison. Those that can pay should and those others can apply for grants, loans and scholarships as appropriate. The problem here is that we live in a hateful and unforgiving world where the most minor infraction gives you a life sentence of punishment. We need to be a people who forgives . We need to make our prison system one of rehabilitation as well as punishment. If we did that , our tax dollars wouldn't be going to build more prisons that only serve to teach new criminal skills to inmates. A more fair and uniform system of criminal justice would certainly help as well.

Absolutely. Most folks in jail will eventually get out, and will need to earn a living. Education will help them do so, and thus reduce the likelihood that they would regress to their former nefarious ways.

Absolutely not. I understand the "rehabilitation" thing, but the answer is still no. There are honest people who cannot afford a college degree and cannot spare the time to get one due to jobs and trying to make ends meet in an honest life. Why should they be rewarded for wrong-doing. You answer for your decisions and each decision has different consequences, positive as well as negative.

Personally, I believe that incarcerated people should be allowed to educate themselves to the extent of their abilities, as a previous answer pointed out, to decrease recidivism, to at least expose parolees to more mainstream patterns of thinking and behavior. In some cases, at least, an offender is less likely to repeatedly break the law if continuing education clarifies the reasoning and history of society's behavioral restraints, and the student comes to understand this reasoning, as well as to take responsibility for his or her own actions.

perfect american
Yes they should. If they are trying to better themselves, then why not? I wouldn't mind my tax dollars going to educate people. I would rather have that money going to provide an education to someone than going to some welfare taking, baby making crack ho. These people are paying the price for their crimes, and they should be given the opportunity to better themselves so that they will be less likely to end up on the streets and becoming dependent on social programs when they get out. I also believe that after someone has paid for their indescretions, the slate should be wiped clean, then they would be eligible to be hired into well paying jobs just as the rest of us are. Why should someone be marked for the rest of their lives? The above should not apply to child molesters, rapist or murderers. They deserve the death penalty, swiftly carried out.

The prison pays people to train prisoners so that when they re-enter society they have a better chance at landing a job and not return to crime to support themselves. It does not cost the taxpayers any more money to train or educate individual prisoners as the state or federal government has already allocated funds to pay these people to be there in the first place.

Not at my expense, my Master's cost me $40k and I had to pay , and now I am helping pay for their education on my tax dollar. Dont exactly sound fair does it?

yes they should we are trying to rehabilitate them so they don't go back out and commit more crimes

why not everyone should be allowed a chance to improve their lives, and think of it this way, while incarcerated they are eating free, so maybe with an education they wont have to depend on the govt.

David T
Hell no let them pay for it like the rest of us. I know some one will say it is a part of rehabilitating them but that is crap. They just become (some not all) semi educated criminals when they are released. If they do make them take out student loans to pay for it. Let them read and educate themselves all they want but don't reward their crime by giving them the ability to get a free college degree, it isn't fair to good law abiding citizens.

He should be allowed to be educated then once the 10 year old DNA proves him innocent, yes I believe then he could be able to make a recovery after 10 years of WRONGFUL IMPRISONMENT

yuk fu
YES....but not at tax payers expense...part of rehab system so YES

NO! absolutely not.

It very effectively reduces recidivism, and therefore not only reduces cost in the long term (putting people back in prison is very expensive; plus, people with degrees pay more taxes and so profit the govt. more), but also increases safety. I think people have a problem with it because they are confused about the purpose of prisons. I believe prisons exist to protect law-abiding citizens, while others believe that prisons exist to hurt criminals. Those who believe strongly in this second position are sometimes willing to pursue programs that are needlessly expensive and may even increase crime in the long run, just because such programs gratify the thirst for inflicting punishment. However, anything that reduces both crime and cost is good in my book. So let's educate every criminal. And let's educate every non-criminal as well.

Yes, but they should have to pay for it too...by working in the prison, etc.

Sure. Especially if one of the purpose of the criminal justice system is to give people the option to rehabilitate and stop committing crimes, allowing them to become better educated is a good step towards that. I don't think prisoners should have any special benefits or get the education for less money than anyone else would have to pay. But if they can pay for it on their own, there's no reason not to.

Oh no...I was just talking about this last night with someone. Prisoners have more rights than the victims. They should be cut off from everything while in prison. We're way too soft on them. Why do they deserve to get an education ? They should have done that while they were in society.

not at my expense. why should i pay for an education of a criminal when i can barely pay for my child, without loans. isn't it enough that we're paying to feed, clothe, and house them? and contrary to popular belief, the purpose of prisons are NOT to rehabilitate. It is to segregate from society. And there is no strong evivdence to prove that it reduces the recidivism rate. They do it as a passtime.


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