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Someone is always stealing from our yard and now breaking into the cars?
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Someone is always stealing from our yard and now breaking into the cars?

I've lived my house for about a year now and whenever anything is put outside, such as holiday decorations and lawn ornaments, potted plants - they are stolen.. or usually they take all but always leave one of whatever it is. Made police reports but there is nothing they can do since we never catch them in the act. Last night my husband came home late from work and forgot to lock our car, someone got into it last night but looks like nothing was stolen since he doesn't keep much in there. Ashtray was pulled out and there was things moved around but that was it. I can't afford some expensive camera to put out there, police can't do anything so what else is there to do? Maybe set some trap, if so any ideas? It's getting really annoying and we can't have anything in the yard. It's a pretty good middle class neighborhood and I'm not going to move. I suspect it's the same person/people.

An outdoor camera is not expensive at all. You can buy a Foscam outdoor wireless IP camera for 100 dollars on amazon or Ebay. (Both New). It will record on motion and be right on your computer for you to monitor. Point it at your car or your front yard from a corner where they wont see it, and set it to record, The one i have is an indoor camera but it makes lots of noise when it starts to record on motion(on my computer). Usually takes about a minute video even after the motion stops. Hopefully that will help the police catch whoever it is. Or at least have a nice pretty picture for the cops. Oh and if you have a flash drive, you can set it to record onto that so you don't kill your reg memory and when you do get someone stealing or vandalizing your stuff you can give it to the police on the drive. And don't worry about it being pitch black out. The cameras have infared to record with no light. Oh and don't forget to load the video on Youtube for us to watch :-)

Probably your neighborhood teens. You may have to move into a safer neighborhood. Teens can be just as dangerous as adults and playing around with them is a no no.

Peachy Perfect
Well, I would say borrow a video camera from a friend if you don't have one yourself (or I know there are some places that rent them out). Then put it inside and point it through an inconspicuous window. Then put something outside, point the camera directly at it (zoomed in), and turn it on when you go to sleep. In the morning, when it's gone... just rewind the tape and fastforward until you see some movement. Then you have your criminal.

Install security cameras and those big lights that come on when someone is within a certain distance. Even if it doesn't prevent the next incident, it'll give the police a picture of the person and they can run it through their files.

Im 15 and if i were you i would get your husbond to wait untill very late and just keep watching. catch them in the act try to take a good picture or smoething have him go outside stop them dont let them run catch them anything and get what they look like and stuff you will neeed

darryl l
Sounds like punk kids with nothing better to do then cause mischeif and steal for fun. Maybe put a camera to catch em, dog scare away, motion light might help

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