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Someone stole my laptop and I know who it is, what should I do?
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Someone stole my laptop and I know who it is, what should I do?

About two months ago I had people over to my house and my macbook pro got stolen. I know basically am 95% sure who took it, but I have no proof...this person will obviously deny it. Is there anything I can do??? This kid does still live with his parents...

Bill the House Detective
Steal it back.

C4 in his ****, next blew up it - Captain MacMillan

Get your damn laptop back!!! Grab it and run!

call their parent Fone (or home fone) and ask their parents if they got a new laptop recently...

Go to his parents house & get it right back !

~Jason Bourne~

ask his parents, then call the cops on him.

confront him and threaten him

Ask his parents if they find something unusual with his behavior or they see a new computer he is using.

Call the police, voice your suspicion. Or call them first and outline that you are reasonably sure they have it and you intend to take legal action unless its returned. It does work.

Well try to get proof if you still have the box you can prove that you have the same and go over this kids house and search it for proof of it being yours.

Thats all i can tell you

George Ferre
I would guess it basically depends if he has it on him, and if you can prove it's yours. If he does have it and you can prove it, call the police.

Alexandra E
knock on the door and say look i may be wrong and if i am im sorry but i think your daugter/son took my laptop....tell them the make and any destinctive features .....say if i dont get an answer im going to take it further and contact the police...if they dont answer contact the police

Go get it. Go to his parents house and be like, "Look, your kid has my computer." I'm sure the parents would give it back to you. Don't be rude tho. Parents love to defend their kids. Might wanna bring a cop with you.

Good luck.

it takes time
Do not confront him or even talk to his parents about it. My suggestion is to ask a friend to ask random questions to this guy...... questions like..." hey, do you know anyone who is selling a laptop?" or " I just bought a new hp laptop and.............how about you, do have one? what kind?" I'd do that if i were you. -i hope you get your laptop back-

Tell his parents that you have a strong suspicion that theyre son has your laptop, and any normal responsible parent would investigate and find out and get it back for you, if they dont co-operate then you break into his house while they are gone and find out for yourself, or if you dont have the balls.., higher a secret investigator, or better yet a hit man.

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