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Under UK law, what is the minimum number of hours you must work in a week to be considered full-time?
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Under UK law, what is the minimum number of hours you must work in a week to be considered full-time?

When you work part-time you get annual leave on a 'pro-rata' basis. What is the minimum number of hours you must work before you get the full entitlement instead of pro-rata?

Ian M
This differs considerably depending on which department you are dealing with. If you work sixteen hours or more you cannot claim Jobseekers Allowance. If you are a lone parent you can claim tax credits (working tax credit) if you work sixteen hours or more but if you have no children you must work 30 hours or more. I think I am right in saying that you must attend a course for 22 hours per week to be classed as a full time student. Hope this helps.

Karen D
If you are a non-teaching assistant in a school, full time is 32 hours, something to do with contracts and term time working, I think.

It doesn't matter how many hours per week you work per week, as your holiday entitlement is worked out buy the number of days per week you work. Every worker is entitled by law now to a minimum of 4 weeks.

in uk full time is 37 hours per week. part time is 16 to 36. Any info regarding employment etc....u may find the ACAS website usefull

the mininum is 16 hours part time and 37 hours full time

Dave C
House of Commons - Trade and Industry - Written Evidence "By full-time working we mean hours of work in excess of 30 hours a week".

wilfred b
if you work more than 16 it is considered full time for legal purposes

Chud E
depends on your contract. if you're employed on a part time basis this can be any number of hours, 5 - 50. if employed full time you have to do 39. so you get more holiday employed part time and doing 50 hours and earn more.

The minimum number of hours required by UK law to qualify as being in full time employment is 30. I hope this is helpful.

Emma B
16 hours is classed as full time however it has to be 37.5 hours to come off pro rata usually.

Boy Wonder
37 hours I think.

i think the minimum hours for full time is 16 hours per week under that is classed aspart time

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