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WalMart- Can I get fired?
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WalMart- Can I get fired?

When I was at work I felt dizzy, and like I was running a fever and my bones hurt so I asked one of the front end managers if I could go home because I wasn't feeling good, she said yes. Turns out I had the flu and had to call in for 4 days I had a temp of 102.4 at my worst. So I had a cashier meeting on my day off and I went in for the meeting and the front end manager told all of the cashiers that if you miss 3 consecutive days of work in 6 months that you will receive a written coaching. I was told by an other employee that they make you sign this peice of paper and if you don't you can get fired. My question is if I refuse to sign it will I get fired? Is it legal for WalMart to coach me for missing work when I had the flu? I was also told by other managers that WalMart will not take a doctors note. What can I do?

Yes,especially if you do not have a doctors excuse,that's why its good to have your very own doctor,going to the emergency room is not always the best solution to saving your job,anybody can go to an emergency room to get an excuse by a nurse or anybody from the emergency room,this is why lots of companies encourage employees to get benefit plans such as health insurance. Every comapny have doctors and hospitals you can go to that is within the network. When you go to work talk to your employer about health insurance,and see if you can apply for health insurance benefits,this in return will save you time and energy and perhaps keep you from losing your job.

If you have been there for a year then you are protected under FMLA and they can not put anything negative in your personnel file, if you have a doctors note. If you have been there less than a year then you have to follow whatever their policies are. If you want to keep the job I would just sign the coaching statement and be done with it.

Walk in... say "I'm here to sign that paper"
Wipe your nose with your hand; pick up the pen, sign the paper.

Why waste a sick day on being sick?

Who aren't you?
Besides Wal-mart being a horrible job...

Depending on your state, if it is not a right-to-work state, they can fire you for no reason at all.

Usually they have to give you a written warning at least once before letting you go for attendance issues. However if you had a doctor's note, you should be able to get the series days to be considered maybe only just 1 or ignored completely. I don't know their policies on that, but check on that.

Don't trust the word of the managers on the doctor's note, find the policy that shows that. If you receive a coaching, it won't actually do them any good, as there is nothing that could have been done to avoid it.

Personally, I think you should have gone to work and got everyone sick, prove a point.

Guma Kawauso
There is this thing called "Hired/Fired at Will." You can be fired for insubordination for not signing that paper, and you would have little recourse.

Talk to a lawyer to be on the safe side. And I have never heard of an employer not excepting a doctors not.

Lucy Blue
Why would you refuse to sign and risk losing your job? I guess I'm not clear on what "written coaching" is.

Dagny Justice
Ibuprofen. Antibiotics on first day you're sick, if doctor prescribes them. Generic over the counter flu symptom remedy (syrup or pill form.) They make it for daytime use now.

By the time you're sick, you've already spread your contagious germs to everyone else.

That's what I do.

But then again, I got the flu shot this year and have avoided the vomiting flu, but not the shaking bone hurting flu....

Something else I do is walk in the cold a lot to build up my strength. That sounds stupid but it works. I hardly get sick or am too cold to notice. :D

Basically, yeah WalMart can prolly do that... compliance with policy and procedure was certainley in your employment contract that you DID sign.

Yes, they can fire you. You're an "at will" employee. You don't have to sign that paper, but they don't have to keep employing you.

Walmart unfortunatley has no union so they can legally do whatever they want. They could even fire u for doing ur job too well if they really wanted to. I work at Meijer Inc where i feel it is difficult to be fired.(not kidding it really is)

Ashley Michelle
That doesn't seem right at all.... I mean seriously?! Wow how wrong. I mean doesn't walmart have enough employees to not need any help without you for 4 days? And that's the reason people do get sick so much. People coming into work or school because they say they have to. I think if you are even sniffling you shouldn't be allowed to go to school or work. It's terrible.

That is ridiculous. Find a job elsewhere, I'm pretty sure that is a violation of human rights. They can't force you to sign or agree to something you don't want to... is this in the US or Canada?

get another job, they are obviously idiots.

Sure, ask them to coach you on how to work with a 102.4 fever and not get everyone else in the store sick. They will get the point.

King O
Find another job. Wal Mart is horrible anyway.

yes..talk to a lawyer

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