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What are a 17 year old's legal rights in the uk??
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What are a 17 year old's legal rights in the uk??

My Cousin is turning 17 and i want to tell him what he can now do as a 17 year old in the uk. And I obviously know that he can drive now, but what are his other rights now that he is 17. Many thanks xx

Jan B
As you mentioned your cousin can apply for a driving licence to drive a car. He could also: get a street trading licence or market traders licence - could be fun!! he could leave home without his parents' consent; If your cousin has left full time education and has a job then he is classed as a "young worker" and has some employment rights (e.g. if the market trader thing didn't work out!) At 17 your details appear on the census. Your cousin could get a firearms certificate, buy an airgun, crossbow or ammunition. If he is caring for someone else he could get payments made directly to him when he turns 17. More obscure things include: Being allowed to join the The Vegetarian Friendship Circular penfriend scheme. Hope this give you some ideas for his birthday.

Legally here in the UK. you are not considered an adult until 18,yrs,of age. So sorry but his rights are limited.

He has the right to now date any spice girl of his choice.

16-smoke 17-dive 18-drink even though he s probily doing it now so say only 1 yeartill ur allowed to drink even though you already do OMG U JOINED ON MY BIRTH DAY HOW AWSOME!!

dels replies
Most things are when 18 comes .. not a lot at 17

You can tell him he has the right to pay the most expensive car insurance package lol.

Gillian F
thats about it lol x

17 years old * can obtain a licence to drive vehicles (except certain heavy goods ones) * can be sent to prison * can go to war * can be a street trader * fly a plane * can give blood

he has a right to get paid a minimum of 4.60 per hour!! wooo HOO..

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