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What are the Rights of Private Home Owners against Nuisence Council House Tenants?
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What are the Rights of Private Home Owners against Nuisence Council House Tenants?

We have these council house tenants who have just moved in next door causing problems for us, can we get them evicted? No Im not being a snob we have had council tenants for neighbours for a while its just recently we have had the new tenants in that have been causing problems.

Approach the Housing Association with evidence. Only the landlord can evict, but the local authorities can impose restrictions, even ASBO'S

maybe u r doin something to aggrivate them?

Lord Robbie
Put them on a boat and ship the jobless scum out and let the pensioners have heating this winter

go and speak to citizens advice they are great, hope it all works out for you, stay safe, all the best

jackie m
the same rights that they have against Private Home Owners

Even though you are not Council tenants you should still make an appointment & go to see someone at the Housing Office for that area. Your neighbours could well be in breach of their tenancy conditions by causing nuisance to you especially if they are on a Probationary Tenancy for, say, the first six months (like in a job). Also, whatever they are doing is presumably affecting other neighbours as well who are council tenants so get them to go with you. the Council, as their landlord, has a definite duty to them. The diary idea as above is standard & obvious. Good luck.

round 1
Now that depends.....the odds may be stacked against you....If they belong to a minority group they may well play that card and you have no chance. Best advice is to keep a diary of events, record noise levels and when you have enough evidence report them..... PS Is it REALLY that they are a nusance or is it that they are COUNCIL tennants which is rocking your world?

You have to report it to the Environmental department of your local council.

skippy's mum
Contact the council

first of all, start keeping a diary of all nuisances, This must be in the form of Date, description, times and who witness the problem. You must also put down any vehicles involved and description if possible but do not get personally involved by leaving the house. Also, the persons involved and follow the rules above. Now, contact the council environmental health team, they have a specialist team that deals with this kind of problems. Hope this helps

foxxy mc.roxxy
I hope your not being a snob here but you can call anti social task force

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