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What happens if you sue someone, but they dont have the money?
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What happens if you sue someone, but they dont have the money?

like, say for example if i was really rich and had a ferrari, and i was driving in a city, and some hobo kicked it, and put a huge dent in it. now, i would sue the homeless man for the blank number of million dollars it would cost to fix. now, how would i get that money? obviously the hobo doesnt have that money, so what would happen?

Beverly C
You could file what is called an asset hearing. The person would have to disclose to the court all items of value that they own. AThe court would then order them to sell these items and pay you the money.

The IRS is supposed to monitor the defendants assets and make them available to you. In other words..You Are Screwed.

Greg K
You would have insurance to cover situations like that.
The homeless guy is what we call "judgment proof"; no matter what they do, you cannot collect any money from them because they don't have any.

Dina K
When you sue someone, you end up getting a judgment against them. When you get a judgment, you use that judgment to garnish wages, take money out of their bank accounts, put a lien on their home, etc...

If someone has no money, then you can't collect at all.

If someone has money, but is able to file bankruptcy, then you can't collect.

Sweet Tart
im pretty sure that the money is taken out from their wages until it adds up to the total ammount that you ued them for

Some people are so poor that it makes no sense to sue them. Happens all the time. Sometimes people will sue them anyway just for vindication, or in hopes they they'll inherit something or win the lottery. They will not go to jail (debtor's prison was done away with ages ago).

Another thing that might make sense is to sue them and win so you can obtain an insurable interest in that person, and then buy a life insurance policy in the hobo's name. When he dies in a gutter, chaCHING!

I would find that hobo and shake his hand. people who sue others over stupid pathetic crap like that can kiss my A

Oh, and there is no debtors prison

After you win, you file a judgement against the person. It lasts as long as the statute of limitations in your state. You can then renew the judgement, for as long as you live. You can also keep chasing after the bum. Maybe he eventually wins a lottery.

they take it out of their wages

If a homeless person damaged your car that would be a road hazard with your insurance. If A person owes you a large amount of money you can sue them in a civil law suit for payment and win the ability to attach there bank account or a share of there wages and there tax returns also a lien can be placed against the person and they can not sell or buy property without paying you. Like in the case of OJ Simpson and a book he wrote and he lost the rights to the book over money he owes.

TUFF SHITSKY! No soup for you.

sweety Returnz
good question i often wonder this.

that person would have to spend time in jail.

"Your Name" on my *SS
they would probably have to go to jail, it all depends on the judge, and if they aren't homeless, just really poor, they might have to find a way to pay it back in the duration of the time the judge says.

You would be wasting your time and money and the tax payers money, as the "hobo" would need legal aid.
Remember the saying "you cannot get blood out of a stone"

Eleanor Roosevelt
nobody ever pays.

robert s
You wouldn"t they do not have debtors prison. If he is a hobo he does not have any money. It is like beating a dead horse it won't go.

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