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What is the legal limit of weight a woman is allowed to lift in the workplace?
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What is the legal limit of weight a woman is allowed to lift in the workplace?

Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Syvrud, USMC WIFE
What ever is declared in your signed job description.

In the UK under the Health and Safety act no limits are specified. Under the old Office, Shops and Raiway Premises act limits were set for men, women nd children under 16, but these went out years ago. However, under the Health and Safety at work act, no employer can demand you lift anything you are not capable of.

tommy knocker
The legalities in all countries are different from where you are writing from. I notice you have answers from UK, America & Australia. Where you are, would be of help in pinpointing your answer Why dont you make an addition to your question and tell us which country you are in.

yolanda a
I'm a women and I am a truck unloader there is not a limit at my place of employment. I've lifted items that are 1lb-200lbs everyday.

When I worked at UPS, it didn't matter if you were male or female. You had to be able to lift 50 pounds, and if it were over 50 pounds, you were supposed to get another employee to help you. They were also required by OSHA to provide you with weight belts if you requested one.

in America it just asks you if youre capable of lifting such and such weight it doesnt regulate based on gender.

The legal limit a woman is allowed to lift in the workplace is forty pounds.

in oz its 16kg, but if there is no union to back you up you are on your own

I which country? if you don't like what they want you to do or you can't do it, then find another job.

Here it is the equal amount a man can, doing the same job.

i think its 2 stone

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