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What legal action/s can I take against my Neighbour? (please see my other question for details)?
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What legal action/s can I take against my Neighbour? (please see my other question for details)?

How can I find out if he has a criminal record for a crime related to children? (I feel very unsafe living here now.) Thanks but this cannot help me -I NEED CANADIAN INFORMATION EVERYONE-SPECIFIC TO ONTARIO Thanks! http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsPc.D4dHBrWs7v8_FtAdfLAFQx.?qid=20060701020931AAeNL6i Canada does NOT give out information on pedophiles or any criminals for that matter. There is NO registry!!!

Mary L
Click on "White Pages". Type your neighbor's name and address. You will be prompted, for a fee, to obtain a background check. In the U.S. we can access a national registry of convicted pedophiles on line.

call the police department and ask them is there is a place were you can get information on registered offenders. I would the canadians have that as well at least that is the impression i got when i lived there.

If you don't trust them then why don't you move? This is a typically racist attitude which ends up not enabling someone to live their life. Keeps them down and out and back in jail. But that's okay, the self rightousness attitude will make way for all of you to sue everyone and put them all in jail and then YOU can live happily by yourself. Join the witchhunt here/ This is out of hand don't you think? Do what you can to protect your child and pray, then let the rest go cause really you cant do anything but make his life harder and what makes you more valuable than them? Ever study the witch hunts and the inquistion? Headed in that direction today, does that make you happy?

if it were me i would get him alone where theres no wittness and tell him if you ever bug my kid again i'm going to kill you

http://www.nsopr.gov/ i go here about once every month and make sure my neighbors are on the up and up.

Run a background check i.e. on http://www.intelius.com

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