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What personal information can be obtained from a driver license number?
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What personal information can be obtained from a driver license number?

Tony P
Your License Number is used for ID in a lot of things from Banks to Signing up online to some web site`s.

Linda L

mary 57whalen
Of course all the info listed, but I bet you didn't notice that on tour social security number your date of birth is encoded in the numbers, even the 1rst 3 #'s tell the time era when issued. So basically they can tell if you are giving something false if the birth date on your drivers licence differ from social security...Mary

your home address your criminal and misdemeanor and driving record past due tickets traffic and parking any past due warrants etc...

marty(the one)
your name,address,age,height,birthdate,an if u wear eye glasses and what ever restrictions u have on your license.lets not forget that varies from state to state,so it all depends.

In FL - Year of birth, 1st letter of last name, county and year person first received a drivers license, if it is a replacement for one that has been reported as lost or stolen,

Depends on the state. In Washington state, the driver's license contains an encoding of one's birthday. Other states issue licenses serially, without additional information being contained.

Look at your driver's license. All that personal information can be obtained from your driver's license number.

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