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When my parents die, can I automatically go to the bank and claim their money?
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When my parents die, can I automatically go to the bank and claim their money?

Can I go without an attorney cuz I would be able to get it anyways with an attorney.

smelly pig

You would be far better off if you had some kind of living trust will in place. Otherwise Uncle Sam will come and want 40% of that.
Talk to an estate attorney, and your parents to set up the best situation for all of you. It depends on what other potential heirs their are too.
PS: I hope you are not planning on speeding up the process any. You will go to jail and/or get the death penalty just like the Menendez brothers.

Usually, no.

So put down your weapon.

Colt & Tegan
The 'Public Administrator' is in charge of the estates of dead people. You'll need to contact them. The Public Administrator is almost always an elected county position. You should really vote more often. :)

it depends if they left a will or not. gl

No, not unless your name is on the account.

Estate would have to go through probate. You don't just get to go down and clean out the bank accounts - even if you have an attorney go with you.

Wow. How sad.

But if they didn't leave the money to you, then no. Even if they are your parents.

what kind of question is this? so...if your parents die, your primary concern is their money? does anyone else find this strange???

Ruthie Baby
nope - their accounts would be frozen and go to their estate and no bank will release funds until the funeral is paid for and signed off by the funeral director and then it depends on their will.

Sassy one
I looked at your profile you seem to be bright and smart. Why would you want to know if your parents have you in their will? Do you hate them? Have you asked them these questions? I hope you don't do something thats going to hurt them and you end up on CNN on your way to prison.

The only way you can get the money is if they left it to or allow the bank to give you asscess to the money in that event.

Wow. You want them to die so you can get their money??

Barry auh2o
Nope! Not one cent can be spent without the knowledge and approval of the administrator of the estate.Every cent must be accounted for.

Not necessarily, if your a minor no way. If your an adult then it better be in their will. Either way you just can't claim it.

Of course not, it depends on the state of your parents trust. Even if they have a perfectly clear will, it could take weeks to months before you can get any money from the estate.


strange question....what if they will their money to charity? Can you say "Paris Hilton"?

No, you can't. Unless your name is listed on the account, you can't withdrawl any money from there. You have to take a copy of the will to prove that you inherited the money in order to get it (it probably has to be notorized too). If your parents have no will (most people don't) then their estate goes into "probate" where lawyers siphon off as much of it as they can before it gets to you. Probate is a really bad deal.

PS: Hope you are not thinking about helping them along...

Your assumption about being able to get it with an attorney is wrong. Unless it is a joint account, the bank will freeze the account until ordered otherwise by a probate court. Although you are their child, that does not mean that you automatically inherit their money. The could leave a will leaving it all to charity. that is why the bank will not release it (unless it is a joint account) without an order from a court.

i hope your parents mean more to you then just their bank acct. if not it looks like you will burn through the money they have worked for all their lives and have nothing to show for it. but to answer your question no you can't first off if they have a will it will have to be read they might not have left you anything , but if they did , a death certificate will have to be taken to the bank after probate and estate is taken care of...

Helen W.
I'm an estate attorney. If your parents' bank account has your name on it, then you might be able to claim it, depending on the situation (for example, your age could be a problem if you're under 18).

If not (and I'm guessing not) then, no, you can't automatically go to the bank and claim the money. Even with an attorney.

this is just a sad pathetic question,
i guess you hate your parents
the answer is no
they have to stipulate in there will or living trust
where the money goes you have no right to it

if they saw this question i think you would be taken out of there will

Dennis Fargo
No, unless you are on the bank account. My mother put me on her bank account so I could get to her money when she dies. Otherwise you will need a lawyer.

Unless your name is on the account as 'payable on death' or 'joint owner with right of survivorship', it is NOT automatic that you are entitled to the funds. Even if they have a will that gives you EVERYTHING, the estate must be probated before you can access the accounts. Releasing the funds before ensuring the paperwork is in order could cost the bank MUCH more than you ever could.

Apple Bottom
if they left it to u ,u could claim!

Sincere Carnation
NO you cant


Peachfish Whiskerbiscuit
Planning patricide??

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