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Why doesnt the pope sell of a few trinkets?
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Why doesnt the pope sell of a few trinkets?

The church is one of the wealthiest organisations on the planet..instead of sitting on a golden throne drinking green creme de menthe, why desnt the pope flog off a few trinkets and end starvation etc?

Father Graham
What a great Question. I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. I couldn,t agree with you more. It is obscene that the churches have so much money and so much power. When there are millions of children especially in Africa starving the first people to put thier hands in thier pockets should be the Church but know they just send missionaries. In the short time that I have been writing this at least 20 children have died unecessarily. To have this much money and power is against the teachings of all the holy books. As for myself I am a multi denominational priest and anything I earn I distribute to the poor in the city in which I live. I wish I had the power to do more

and how much of your family's wealth can you share out or sell? The pope is the father of many . The Sheppard of many sheep.

The Catholic Church has one of the largest charity programs in the world.

Because it would be peanuts, and they are not his to give, he is only a custodian. Any way, do you really believe that that would end starvation? Many of these countries are run by despots who cream of the money for themselves. You have to help people to help themselves, people become dependent on handouts, the labour party has never understood this. Anyway, which church are you talking about? The churches in Britain are under constant attack by left wingers, pc brigade, feminists etc. Why don't you ask the government to stop wasting money on expanding the public sector, giving money to europe and political correctness etc.

The Pope can't sell anything, in reality he doesn't own anything like most all priests he took a vow of poverty, granted everything is provided why would he need money. The Church on the other hand is probably the wealthiest organization in the world as well as one of the most corrupt at least it use to be, but the Church is losing alot of ground not as dominate as it use to be and will continue to fade out until it's gone and that will be a good day.

Plain old GREED, or how about "God helps those who help themselves"!!! He who dies with the most ...wins!!!

I dont think the pope could save the world by selling his crap. He has a image to uphold.

Linda L
Frankie, I think you answered your own question. He and the church want to keep all they have, so they don't lose the "golden throne". But I do agree with you. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. *sigh* (this is from one of the poor ones) hehe

still no answer? there is probaly non to this question....

The catholic church relies on wealth. Besides, nothing they could sell would "end starvation." They do sell trinkets, though... my friend got me a bottle opener from the Vatican that has a picture of the pope on it. I use it to open lots and lots of beer bottles. "The Popener."

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