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Why don't illegal immigrants have respect for our laws?
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Why don't illegal immigrants have respect for our laws?

Don't say they want a better life--they can build up their own country. We passed NAFTA--and they have lots of oil. So what's the excuse for coming here?

Why would they have respect for our laws? They broke our laws just by coming over here, why not keep breaking them? Heck, they get a free ride on anything they do anyway. They tend to get away with murder and all. What is their motive for following our rules if they aren't punished for breaking them?

Everyone is voting me down. These people are illegally here dammit. I don't care about legal immigrants. Anyone talking about how poor they are needs to remember they didn't take the time to follow our procedure, so they are still ILLEGALLY HERE. If they would take the time to do it legally that would be fine with me, but they don't, and that deserves minimal respect.

Illegal immigrants are people with no regard for our laws, people who respect the law immigrate legally. If they don't respect immigration laws, what other laws will they see fit to break? I don't see how people who've already broken the law could be such wonderful hard working people.

Shoet Mie Is BACK
I'm sorry, but it makes me so depressed to know that people like you make up the majority of the US. These people have such terrible lives, so please shut the **** up about what you know nothing about. It is ridiculous for you to complain about them working at ******* Walmart for dirt, because you were too lazy and stupid to use the opportunities you were born with. I have more respect for your TV dinner crusted, cheap lipstick caked mouth than the **** that comes out of it.

Gimme An Elf!
Because they can make MORE money EASIER in the U.S. Simply put, if the U.S. economy wasn't as strong as it is, the U.S. wouldn't have an immigration crisis.

But I don't know of any other country that tolerates illegal immigration like the U.S.

Causa they donta speaka any English?

Its basic economics. In countries with currency restrictions there is usually a black-market in currency. There is little illegal immigration in countries which have sufficient labor and few jobs.

are you serious?

kool k
they dont obey our laws because the only laws they know are their own.

are u stupid?/
im no immigrant..

its not like legal immigrants respect the law..

i stand wit the illegal immigrants..
they come to work, just like other people do.
this land was once theres

the only people that should be here are Native Americans
and stupid explores just came to take away there land

i love america
i love my country
im serving my country right now..


Why didnt they respect their land!

Accutek & Co
they are illegals...that could be the start of the disrespect..they figure"well,I made it,now I can drive without a license or insurance,get free medical,no tax on my wages,all the social services I can use..I have it made"...dont you think that would breed some kind of contempt?

you're targeting the wrong people. a lot of citizens do not have respect for the laws, too.

Midnight Coffee for Gavin
a free ride and social security...
once their child is born here, they have a
"good" reason to stay. If you want to stay
here, be Patriotic or at least show Respect
for this countries cultures, traditions and Flag.

Cid Young
Maybe because it's waaaaay to easy to get away with things. Just look at our politicians!
By the way, Americans break plenty of laws too!
Enron executives come to mind...

Lou Dobbs daughter. go to bed. i dont wanna hear this mess

by the way europeans didnt have much respect for Native Americans when they barged in

as long as they are illegal , they do not get the sense of belonging and this keeps them going against laws.
most of the times ignorance to the new laws and orders adds up with the former.

Traci B
I don't know but if you figure it out let me know.

Oh but wait, they have rights. So much so that they completely destroy our rights. I'm thinking of moving to Afghanistan, acquiring citizenship, then immigrating back to Canada. I'd have much more rights then, than I do now, as a 6th generation Canadian.

Deborah W.
To get away from it all.

Kat F
I don't like you're question because you don't know every illegal immigrant, but at the same time I can't deny that they ignored the law when they came here, or else they wouldn't be illegals.

They don't understand them fully. If you didn't grow up and live the laws for your whole life, then it's difficult to adapt to them.

Marion K
Do you really think the "average Jose" has access to oil money? They come here to work to send money to feed their children.

If your kid was starving, and there was work a few miles away... wouldn't you do it? I sure would.

no ℓies just ℓove ♥
So uneducated...

because they want their cake and eat it too! Cant get a free pass here!

Because our country won't stand up and do something about them. They're fully aware that they can come over here illegally and live a completely normal life.

Marina G
Why don't employers of illegals respect our laws? wake up clarabel...they wouldn't come if employers wouldn't hire them.

Mexicans aren't the only ones coming to this country.

What you should be worried about is the increase of H-1B visas your wonderful president has supported.
Outsourcing Indians (from India in case you are confused), Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese, and many others have come and are taking away IT and other white collar jobs away from you as we speak.

You like many others have fed into the distractions of blaming it on the little brown people that cross the border, when the ones with the power are employing them.

Alexis .
what are you talking about?

I have a friend who is illegal (from the former czechoslovakia) and she pays taxes every year, state and federal.
she doesn't break the law, besides having an expired visa. and most illegals, obey the law because if they get caught, on even a minor offense they may get sent back

this is a country made of immigrants, it really is.
there is opportunity and a better standard of life in the states than there is in most of the world.

plus, oil isn't the main concern of immigrants coming to the united states.
Oil is what is important to the people who control the people were 'elected' into our government.

and the mexican and canadian governments are not sending people to the us rather than keep them there to develop thier countries.

don't believe everything you see on tv, that's just what you are supposed to do.

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