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Why is it illegal to kill a bald eagle or it's seed, but legal to kill an unborn child?
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Why is it illegal to kill a bald eagle or it's seed, but legal to kill an unborn child?

Because you are killing the eagle and chick, in abortion it is the mother of that child who's decision it is. the eagle doesn't want to kill it's child, and will only produce young when the environment is perfect, no accidental pregnancies when you have no money or no where to live and no substantial caring parents.
Plus there are more humans than bald eagles.

Robyn C
Interesting philosophical question...in theory.

Abortion is legal because the court said so in Roe v Wade. In theory our government cannot invade our privacy. Why would someone else be able to tell me or my daughters, sisters, nieces, etc. what we can or cannot do with our body. Can you not understand that ANY woman faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to have an abortion doesn't need some old man on capitol hill or some angry mob telling her what is right for her. Or when a fetus is suddenly a child...like at birth? Maybe God only knows...and it is for Him to judge, not others..."Judge not lest ye be judged!"

The bald eagle is a symbol of our nation and on the endangered species list. There are a lot of aminals on the endangered species list and therefor unlawful to kill. Simple and to the point and a much less emotional rule to follow.

omg the responses from these people are apalling. how can you value a bird over the life of a human? id kill every bird north of the equator if it saved an innocent life. nothing represents freedom more than the people of this country being able to choose their own destiny and not get killed by their parents because they wernt sure if they were ready to have that child. no eagle could represent the freedom the US truly offers to each person.

our laws are fcukin retarded.

riloh keen
because bald eagles are the NATION'S BIRD. they symbolize FREEDOM AND JUSTICE AND APPLE PIE GOD DAMMIT.

and nobody likes a crying baby anyway. ALWAYS at the table next to you on the nights when you just want to have a nice relaxing dinner.

wise up, son. ¬_¬

Get Done Stuff
i don't know. i don't really care for those birds, but the people, they seriously matter to me. abortion needs to STOP! don't people realize it's MURDER? some laws are just a bunch of crap

Alex B. Ph.D.
Wow thats a pretty interesting question. I'm thinking because unborn babies aren't as rare as bald eagles

Because the bald eagle species is in danger of NEVER returning. Babies? We have millions of babes!!! Babies are not an endangered species.

Rica 82
Bald Eagles could be facing extinction soon.

because there are millions of children and only thousands of eagles......

Michael da Man
Humans aren't an endangered species.

you cant kill whats never been born.

Because Satan has no gain from a dead animal.

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