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can i shoot my guns legally on my own property of 5 acers in west virginia???
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can i shoot my guns legally on my own property of 5 acers in west virginia???

Is this in city limits, is it near a roadway and so on. What time of day or night, is it in a houseing area or a rual area, For example I live in a small subdivsion, of one acre lots. And both of my neighbors shoot thier guns in thier yards all the time. Not that I like it, and one of them "missed" last month and put a bullet though his other nieghbors shed.

You had better check with local authorities, a bullet doesn't know where your property ends, if a stray were to hit someone you would face severe liability and possible prison term, and insurance won't cover it

I think in self defence - yes- further than that, a bullet can travel 5 acres easily....i think the answer would be to rather belong to a club or shooting range or similar.

Call the local sheriff's department or police department and ask them. They'll tell you straight! Keep in mind that 5 acres isn't much land so you'll have to make sure that none of the slugs leave your property...

Diamond in the Rough
Call the non-emergency number in that city and verify law and regulations...Good luck and safe shooting.

I don't know about West Virginia, but in Texas you can't shoot with in 100 yards of a house. In other words, we have six acres but there are some house around so we can't shoot here. We can go down the road where there are no houses and shoot all we want.

If you are out of city limits you can

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