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can i sue someone for using my first name in a song that is featured on a rap mixtape?
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can i sue someone for using my first name in a song that is featured on a rap mixtape?

i am not the only one that knows he is using my name.it is in a very derrogatorry manor he speaks of me,and also in a compromising situation.

If the artist is definitely meaning you and your friends and family know it too, you could probably sue. Defamation of character.

I'm sure there are other people in the world who have the exact same first name as you.

If you actually KNOW the rapper personally, then talk to a lawyer about it, but I doubt you'll win, as it is only the first name used.

check into it it could be slander

What the hell!! Go for it!

keep dreaming. alot of people have the same name. figure it out.

.45 Peacemaker
No. Especially if he can prove he's telling the truth. Also, with just a first name there is no way to prove it's you he's talking about unless you want to admit it in open court

And what proof do you have that this person is referring specifically to you?

no but if they use your whole name you can

Check with a lawyer. Maybe.

Golden Scepter

If it is your full name, I believe you can sue for slander. If it is just your first name it would be hard to prove in court because they could be talking about anyone.

you would have to prove you are the one he is talking about in the song. It would have to be a very unique name that only you and maybe a few others have.

ie...Jenny I got your number..would never stand up in court.

It would have to be a really unique name to do so

No. You have no damages, money damages from it. Therefore you cannot sue.

No, thier are other people who have your same first name.

Why are you being such a whiny ********* anyways? Who cares if they used your name.

cy ko tic
Yes. Although, winning might be difficult.

If you want to win, you're going to have to prove that he's talking about you, or at the very least show that it makes everyone think that he's talking about you. You'll probably also have to come up with some reason for how this has caused you harm.

If Its only your first name, He can say its only to fit the song your screwed.

If you can prove it YES OFCOURSE. But trust me it will be hard to get proof for that.

no you can't....you have to prove the first name he uses is refering to you and not to any of the one million other people who share the same name.....

i spose you could nowday you can sue someone for anythng

Ja rule? is that you?

I tried to sue Cyndi Lauper for singing about me in 'Time After Time" but I lost. I guess there wasn't enough proof she was really singing about me

no you can't sue for just first name useage, however if he uses your full name then you can.

You can sue anyone for anything at anytime, yet to sue sucessfully you need to prove this song represents defamation.

The elements that must be proved to establish defamation are: (1) A publication to one other than the person defamed; (2) of a false statement of fact; (3) which is understood as being of and concerning the plaintiff; and (4) which is understood in such a way as to tend to harm the reputation of plaintiff.

I hope this helps

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