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can me and my fiance get married in a court house if he has a warrant?
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can me and my fiance get married in a court house if he has a warrant?

because of family issues(mine not his..long story) me and my fiance just want to get married in a court house and get it over with. we know he has a warrant for fines he has to pay and one for missing court. if we go to the court house and fill out our paper work or whatever i'm not exactly sure of what to do..will they pick up on his warrant and arrest him? i know people are saying he should just pay his fines and blah blah blah..well we are doing one thing at a time to get our lives together and that is going to cost money that we don't have right now. anyway i live in NJ if that matters...we were even thinking or getting married out of state. thank you. um no im not pathetic, but you must be to having nothing better to do in your day than put people down. first off people need to stop name calling because it is childish...no one knows the reasons why things go the way they did..i do i was there...its not like i found him on the street geez people come on grow up. im just asking a question i know he has to pay his fines but no one knows my situation.....THANK YOU!

Lisa C
Hey Lonna Lynn, don't worry about the people who stab at you here. This place is densely populated with teenagers and ignoramuses, offering their worthless opinion on issues they know nothing about. What matters is real life and real people. But at least you seem to have an answer to your problem.

I strongly agree with Robyn's advice. Its you life and I am sure you have evaluated this decision. But from my experience there is never a huge rush to get married. Especially if the situation is messy like in your case. I would not advise going to court or anything like that if he has a warrant. If you want to really help your man, support him and help him close his problems rather than adding more pressure by getting married.

Robert G
i know people are saying he should just pay his fines and blah blah blah You are taking a rather cavalier attitude about a serious matter, it won't be so "blah blah blah" if he gets pulled over and thrown in jail for having outstanding warrents Side step the whole delema and go to Atlantic city and get married at a casino Chapel

I don't think they do background checks, but the information is going to be around if it is at the court house. I am not sure you get married at a court house, though, I think it is at the county. I would suggest you check first. If it is through the county it is much safer.

sounds like you gotta yerself a real catch. don't let him get away.

Sure! I wouldn't go planning a honeymoon trip though.

yea..its me
I understand but cant the marriage wait until you both are more stable........anyways I think they will check because Im sure they will ask SSN........I wouldnt risk it

he will be arrested when your file for a marriage license. You won't be able to get a license out of state since you aren't a resident. Think he should get his name cleared first and then married.

why do u wanna marry this loser anyways....sounds like u will gettin yourself into a world of misery if u marry a man that cannot pay his fines or even man enough to attend court and face his accusers.....but prefers to skip and run...like he will probably do to you when the going gets tough....

As a rule, the marriage license center does not run warrants. Good luck.

Jolie F
I think he should pay his fines first and then get married. You should have the problem solved b4 you complicate it with marriage.

Shana B
You can go to a notary public to do your wedding instead of the court house so you won't have to worry about it!

Bill H
I wouldn't recommend it!

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