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can they shut off my electricity in the winter in Indiana for non payment?
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can they shut off my electricity in the winter in Indiana for non payment?

I pay my bill... this is for a family with 2 children without the means to pay it.

Yes. And obviously you don't pay your bill or it wouldn't be shut off.

The short answer is yes. However, there are a lot of conditions attached. They can't turn off your electricity on a Friday afternoon, on a holiday, or at any time when you can't contact them and have service restored immediately. Take a look at http://www.in.gov/oucc/2382.htm for Indiana's rules on utility disconnects and reconnections. - Stuart

In most places that have laws about this, YOU have to contact the electric company to invoke the law and work out a repayment plan with them. If you don't do so, they can turn it off.

Pea Pod
Yes, pay your bills.

James K
you bet "they" can. you need to call your power provider and get on a payment plan. they will be nice. call them, not us.

Bob Bliznack
To be honest they most likely will. This is a horrible situation but hey the world is messed up. Well i hope that everything goes well

Growth vs Oil
My guess is yes, burn some leafs in the leaf burning state. Lazy conservatives minus indy just move the leafs!


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