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can u sell a house without a lawyer involved?
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can u sell a house without a lawyer involved?

thats not what I wanted to hear... but thanks

Dana B
You can in some states, not in others. I don't think it's a good idea in any state.

People call me names that are not fit to print
Yes, but if you want to keep for the buyer ripping you off you may need a lawyer

The short answer is that you can sell a home without an attorney. The contracts can be written and agreed to between the buyer and seller and indispensable third parties like the Escrow and Lender. But where it gets tricky is in the Eastern United States a large number of states require your use of an attorney to conduct a formal closing before transfer of title. In those states you are required to use an attorney as no lender will lend and no escrow will close without the signature of an attorney. This might be unfair or repugnant or a violation of anti-trust laws by Bar Associations but it IS UNAVOIDABLE IN ALL SUCH STATES.

My country, everyone do that easily! ^^

The Hawk
yes you can~but it is ill advised to do so but there is selling a house without real esptate agents but a lawyer should be there to write up a purchage agreement and there is the title search and taxes that have to be paid by the seller


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