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can you drink alcohol at all while on probation for a first offense dui?
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can you drink alcohol at all while on probation for a first offense dui?

Youre lucky you didnt hurt anyone while drunk driving

your really not suppose to,so if you get caught...trouble!!.

you can do whatever you want, the problem is when you get caught.

Depends on the court ordered terms of your probation. You can do whatever you want but you risk violating your probation if you do.

It is up to the judge who sentences you, so it depends on what your probation order says, but I'd bet you a dollar you aren't allowed to be in a bar or drink when you're on probation for DUI.

Pam H
I wasn't suppose to and it was listed quite clearly in the court order. It would depend on what the court ordered in your case.

It all depents on what your probation documetns says.

Are you fricking serious? You get a DUI and you are even contemplating drinking? In my opinion if its you, you are referring to? Your a-s should be sitting in a 6x6 room with a orange jumpsuit on waiting for a big ole' fella named Bubba waiting for you to hop in the shower and drop your soap!

Julia T
you shouldnt you drunk!

What were the terms of your probation????


if in jail till the court date then no. because obliviously you cant drink in jail. but other wise i think yes.

Yes, but don't drive afterwards.

You can just don't drink and drive and don't get drunk. But if I was you I would stay away from alcohol if I got a DUI. I would think you would get the point after being arrested.

mike t

I Bent My Wookie
Ask your probation officer.

yea you just won't be able to drive after drinking

yes why not, just don't drive, unless they told you no drinking while on probation

Your kidding right? I guess something tragic will have to happen, like some one getting killed before you realize that you have a problem. Hopefully you will sober up before then.

Definitely not.


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