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do you get paid for being a freemason?
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do you get paid for being a freemason?

im thinking of joining the freemasons and i want to know if i get paid for joining

No you do not get paid to be a Freemason. In fact you will have to pay an initiation fee and yearly dues and your motives for joining wil be questioned. I can only hope they do not vote to accept you as you seem way to ignorant to be a member. Wait a few years and learn something. When fully cooked, then petition to join.

are you serious?did somebody really invite you?

Gray Wanderer
You pay dues to belong to the Freemasons. The Freemasons do not worship Satan, quite a claim though, considering that the U.S. Constitution is based on Masonic principles.

No, just the opposite - you have to pay membership dues. You are also expected to make donations when other members fall on hard times. Richard

No, you do not get paid for becoming a freemason.

Bill M
I'm not a member, but I think you pay dues to be one.

Me Mee
They worship Satan.

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