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does child support stop when a child quits school?
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does child support stop when a child quits school?

My child is 16 and in may 28th 17 but he just quit school because he was getting into alot of trouble his father hasnt seen him in 3 years and my ex husband wANTS to stop child support on my son because he quit school , can my ex stop child support , my ex says he wont pick his son up until he gets counseling he has went to counseling ,i just wanna know if my son quits school can his child support stop and can they go in for a review of child support if it is under 3 years in michigan

Child support is continued until a child is 18 or graduates from high school (not college). You can request a review of child support at any time in Michigan ... it just depends on the FOC if the request for a hearing will be granted. I would suggest that you have all counseling and school records with you if such a hearing is granted. If your son finds employment, FOC may find in your ex's favor. And of course, the best route would be for your son to enroll in a GED program, just for his own good.

Child support ends when the order for support says it ends. Read the order. As to getting a review, yes. A child quitting school would be good cause to get a judge to review a support order.

Child support has to keep up until they are still in school. So if he quit school then it has to stop. Im still in college and im 22 and my father still has to pay my mother child support until I am fully graduated and done with school. You will have to go through your divorce papers with a fine tooth comb and see what they say. But it is usually until they turn 18/graduated school just depends on what you guys agreed on.

"Termination of support at 18, but may be ordered until 19 1/2 for completion of high school or beyond by agreement" So you still can force him to give you money until the kid is 18 - in school or not. <begin rant> Whatever happened to the "independent woman" that doesn't need a man!? Heck of a parenting job you've done - your child dropped out of school! Father hasn't seen the kid in three years? Then you've been 100% raising the child - you can't even blame the father! Divorce is so great! We should have more of them! Let's not work out our problems, just get child support! <end rant>

As said before: until 18 or graduation from college. I also know that in CA if the more the father is involved (joint custody, etc) the less child support he pays. So if daddy is backing off emotional support, you might be able to get MORE money. Talk to your lawyer.

You would have to read the support decree carefully to answer that question. However, in the absence of specific language to the contrary, child support would stop on any of several specific events, whichever comes first 1. Child reaches legal age of majority 2. Child moves away from the mother who was previously providing the support 3. Child applies for legal manumission prior to age of majority

i believe child support stays in effect until the age of 18. Anywhich case your ex first would have to petition the court to stop the child support order. It would probably just be cheaper for him to pay for another year, then hire a lawyer.

Child support stops when the child becomes an adult at 18 or when they graduate from college. Child support is for food and clothing not school. Try to get your son in GED classes so he can least get a certificate and get a good job to support himself.

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