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does my employer have to pay me if i dont work my notice?
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does my employer have to pay me if i dont work my notice?

i left work to start another job but didnt work my notice. does my old employer have to pay me? i worked for 4weeks prior to leaving and havent been paid for that??

You get paid for hours worked only. If your contract stipulated a certain period of notice and you just ignored it then they would perfectly entitled to sue you for breach of contract.

Lucinda L
He still has to pay you for the hours you worked but if you leaving without notice caused him any loss of income for any reason (e.g. he couldn't fulfil a contract because he didn't have enough staff), he has a right to get compensation from you because of that, so that might be what he'll say if you complain. What you need to do is write a formal letter to him letting him know you haven't been paid. Say you are requesting your pay for hours worked and if you don't receive it within 14 days, will have to take legal advice. Also, make sure it asks him to provide details as to why he is withholding your pay if he doesn't give it to you. Then, if he doesn't give you your full pay, take the letter you sent and any response to a legal charity in your area,, like a Citizens Advice Bureau or Community Law Centre, and get advice from them.

Vote Stevie O Jay - Stand On Your Head For Peace
No he doesn't have to pay you for days not worked. One trick that employers use depends on whether or not you took your holidays. Some employers will offset holidays not taken against your notice.

not working your notice is a separate issue to not getting paid for work done, they have to pay you for that.

They still have to pay you for what youve worked but they usually delay it if you havent worked notice

tex k
No the notice period is there to allow your employer to advertise your position and find a replacement .If they have to employ agency workers to do the work or cannot get anyone to do it why should they pay you .Most companies work a week/month in hand which they are quite legally entitled to not pay you because you are in breach of your terms of contract by not working during your notice period.

No. Why would they have to pay you for work you didn't do?

Why would an employer pay you for not working? That only works for moochers.

uva guy
They have to pay you for hours actually worked. At least in the US. I don't know if in the UK they can deny you pay for not working your notice. At any rate, 4 weeks seems extreme to not pay you for. I'd show up and say 'where's my check?'

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