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how do you sue the nhs?
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how do you sue the nhs?

joan k
With great difficulty, they will lie their way out of anything. Solicitors will rip you off. Best bet is to first ask for your medical records before they get wind of anything and destroy them. There are thousands of people in the process of trying and I can assure you that the Courts rule in favour of the NHS most times. The public don't stand a cats chance in hell of getting justice, but good luck anyway.

Kevin C
You don't.

It's unlikely that you will be able to sue the NHS - you would have to see the Trust which you think is responsible, remembering that the only cash they have is taxpayers money.

guy b
Use a good solicitor, such as Irwin Mitchell. You can get a list from the Law Society. It's often a long process and you do have to start by lodging a complaint with the NHS Trust responsible. If your solicitor advises you to go ahead with litigation, proceedings have to be started within 3 years of the alleged malpractice, or if it relates to a child, before he or she reaches 18.

Firstly you decide which foundation/trust (i.e. part of the NHS) you have a grievance against. Then write your complaints direct to them If that fails contact a solicitor worthy of the name "solicitor"

forget it unless you want to be driven to distraction by the stupidity of the system.........

You don't if you have a shred of Decency. Unless they have deliberately done you some harm This is not America (yet). Try the well documented grievance procedures first.

wilfred b
start by getting a solicitor and then take it from there

Dale-Jaime M
get a solicitor

you'll be lucky,and need to have more than a few bob in the bank,but good luck to you

nina m
get a solicitor and instruct them. Firstly you need to write to the hospital to complain.

You mean how do you sue your neighbors?

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