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i put a restraining order against my ex boyfriend. if i still talk to him and everything can i go to jail?
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i put a restraining order against my ex boyfriend. if i still talk to him and everything can i go to jail?

I have a restraining order against my ex boyfriend and i just wanted to know if i still talk to him and everythin can i go to jail for going against the order.

Hjghjgh J
i like chese

Tina Marie
Sure its okay, talk to him, sleep with him, even go to dinner. What difference does it make?

Bob is Sax
you are dumb, you restrain him then want to talk to him? Think about it over a nice cup of tea.

Silver R
yea you can because its a restraining order isnt it maybe you should move on. only way i think

shacoby bryant
you can probably get in trouble but not go to jail but trouble

If you still want to talk to him you have no reason to have a restraining order against him.

Ruth S
Quit wasteing the Courts time if you are still bent on talking to him!! If something happens to you, you have only yourself to blame!!

Restraining orders can differ from person to person. Review the order and see what it says. If it mentions nothing about calling...you should be ok

‚ô•HEARTS 808's KIDDO‚ô•
Why do you waste Tax-Payers Money and The Courts Time by putting a Restraining Order on someone you have no intention of staying away from???? Restraining Orders are NOT part of a GAME! You're RIDICULOUS!

Angela P
i dont think so but what a waste of police time and effort, and public money, to have a restraining order taken out on someone who you activly stay in contact with!!

Why would you ever talk to him?

I doubt you would go to jail, and usually someone has to report it or something.
Its not like the police watch you two 24/7.

If you put a restraining order on somebody and then go to see them then your order is automatically voided for that period.

You won't go to jail, but his lawyers could make you look VERY bad in court.

The restraining order is to keep the two of you apart, not to talk together. I believe HE is the one that could go to jail for not obeying the order. I would stop playing whatever games you are playing with him and move on.

Andrea M
Most probably you would still be free as a Scotsman, but you would put yourself in trouble anyway. Since you requested the restraining order, if you tried to talk to the restrained one you would not be credible.

vickie e
you make no sense. if you dont want him to talk to you, get the restraining order. if you're going to talk to him, dont get the restraining order. dont play mindgames with him. that will come and bite you in the a$$.

Please punctuate properly, folks
What signal are you sending? You hated him enough to make it illegal for him to see you again, so stand by that! Break off all contact. If he is a twisted individual, he may see contact from you as proof you love him. And then if he believes you are involved withsomeone else, he may become violent! You DID think him crazy enough to warrant having him stay away from you!

if you put a restraining order on someone and you contact them you are in violation and it can make the order null and void but why are you wanting to talk to him anyway
there must be some good reason why you don't want him near you such as you fear for your life and well-being right?
or are you just playing the system to control this guy to change him into something he isn't?
my advice to you is either move on and leave him far behind or resend the RO and get some counseling

If you put in a restraining order, then it means that you feared for your life and needed to stay away from him. Are you nuts? Of course you can't talk to him after that, or the restraining order becomes null and void. What a waste of taxpayer money..

Why bother with a restraining order if you're going to "kiss and make up"?

If you contact him in any way, it voids the order. No, you won't go to jail. But if he contacts you, he can go to jail. If you need to talk to him about a matter, like he still has some of your things, you can get the police to go with you. That will keep it in force.

All the answers about not going to jail and nullifying the order are correct. But perhaps you need to consider that if a court was prepared to issue a restraining order in the first place, his behaviour must have been of grave concern, as contrary to popular belief you can't get one issued cos you don't like the look of someone! You may think that things are all loved up now, but what if things change? If his behaviour escalates and you find yourself unprotected in law, you will find things so much more difficult in the future..keep yourself safe.
And what are you doing going out with someone who needs sodding restraining?

why would you talk to him if you went through the trouble of getting a restraining order? sounds pretty trifling to me.You either need away from him or you dont, restraining orders are for people you fear may harm you, if thats the case then you dont need to be talking to him, otherwise you need to get over yourself and drop the order. i dont know if you can go to jail for talking to him after getting one, but you should

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