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if i recently got hired and now i want to quit this job, can i ask for my application back with my info. on it?
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if i recently got hired and now i want to quit this job, can i ask for my application back with my info. on it?

they may provide you with a copy, but they will keep records of your employment. you cant remove all evidence that you eve worked there, why would you want to?

You ask for anything you want. They are not required to give it back, and probably have to keep a copy by law for so many years. Question back to you: Do you ask for applications back from companies you apply at but don't get hired?

you can ask, but legally they have to keep whom they have fired/quit/and fired on file.

Linda R
NO....the application is the property of your employer.


David S
You can ask, but it's company property to which you are not entitled. They can say no.

Sure. They won't give it to you or they will keep a copy

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